Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Later on that same evening..

My therapist forget to put me in the book so I sat there for 45 minutes waiting for her to show up while Boo had her therapy session. When she finally showed up, we checked her schedule and I wasn't on it!! That was ok..didn't have much to say tonight, anyway...and that's not why I'm angry..

When I got home with Boo, Ray calms tells me that the police picked up my son, who was caught crossing the railroad tracks!! Mind you, we're talking Amtrack and NJ Transit lines at friggin' RUSH HOUR!!! The Big One went and picked him up from police station. So now the police have become aquainted with yet another child of mine!!! Yes, I'm relieved that nothing happened to him (i.e. didn't get electrocuted from the 3rd rail and managed to get across without being hit!) but of all the STUPID things to do!! I didn't even tell Herman til we left the house to go pick up our $750 refund check from the court ...refund for The Big One's bail, that is...::::argggggghhhhhh:: Someone please tell me that it gets better?! Please? Someone?!

I was supposed to go to the wake of a longtime Church member but I can't calm myself down enough to go..That, and there will be a million people there because he was a very well-known man. That, and I HATE wakes..Yes, I know that everyone hates wakes...

Ok...just needed to vent a bit..I think I'm done..If not, I'LL BE BACK..LOL!!


sxysweetart said...

Not a good thing to be crossing the tracks. We don't have that kind of tracks here where you can get electrocuted, but there are alot of Union Pacific freight trains that run all through here. Theres no tresspassing signs posted, and they will call the police if you walk down them. A several ton locomotive will hurt you just as bad. I've never been to a wake, only funerals, and I don't like those either. Hope your night gets better for you. ~lila~

drgnflyjwls said...

Can't tell you it gets better. I'm just getting into the terrible teens w/DS-15(16 next week) & DD-15. I can tell you you're not alone! It always helps me to remember this. Of course venting is majorly theraputic for me as well.

Good thoughts coming to you. I hope they settle down soon. At least for a little while.


dymphna103 said...

Well I had one who never gave me trouble and the other well she was always in trouble till she turned 20 john