Saturday, March 6, 2004

She's Baaa-aaack..

Quick update: They released the Big One this morning. They psychiatrist (whom she has seen many times before) was so impressed by how well she was doing (other than her relapse) that he was actually annoyed that the hospital wanted to commit her. He called me and said that her prgnosis is excellent and he is so happy to see that she is doing so much better. He told her that he thought she'd be dead by now.

Now on to do our taxes..will the fun ever end?! LOL!!

Peace! :)


whsprdphsh said...

Is that a very good sign of the psychiatrist's faith in his own work if he was surprised at how well she was doing and "thought she would be dead by now"? I'm so glad to see that you made it through this. And that SHE made it through this. Now, everyone needs to make a commitment that that was the LAST time that would ever happen. Oh my, so much work for you all, my heart just aches at the thought. And taxes too... geez. Make The Big One do them as punishment. And if she gets it wrong, make her pay for it. I still have faith in you. Good will come from this. And if there is anything I can do, if you need someone to talk to, or if your daughter needs someone to talk to that's been there and is now having to dig herself out of the mess she created, I'm here, just ask. I wish you the best.

hillareeday said...

I am glad to hear your daughter is out of the hospital. I hope she can set things right and you can find some peace.

wizgem said...

Hi Sharon....Just visiting and updating myself with your journal. I hope things are fine and well now. Take care! CHOY :-)