Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Feeling down in the reason, just feeling very introverted and sad. Can someone make me laugh?  Hmmm..maybe I'll just go watch my Peter Gabriel "Secret World" dvd..that should cheer me up! That, my pajamas and my comfy bed. (My kids says it's "illegally" comfortable.) :::sigh::: I'll have to get back to ya later when I'm a bit more "up"....Peace...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Best advice I've heard in awhile

While reading my horoscope the other day (for amusement purposes only!) I read the following words and they struck me as being great words of wisdom:

Be careful about which way you are facing, for that is the direction your new journey will take you.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Whew! What a week!

Herman and I spent the weekend going back and forth to NY to see his mom and dad. Saturday night they said she'd be fine but they wanted to keep her for observation since her usually high blood pressure was too low. The next morning, his dad calls us and tells us that she had an irregular heartbeat. We go back up to check on her. Fortunately, we were there when the cardiologist arrived and he said that she did NOT have an irregular heartbeat. (My father in law is hard of hearing so if he hears something, he tends to embellish it a bit.) The cardio dr says that they are going to keep her til Monday or Tuesday just so that they can run some more tests on her but he feels that everything will be normal. Wants to err on the side of caution. Fine. Monday evening my father in law calls agaian and says that she has 50%-60% blockages in BOTH her carotid arteries!! This was true. So they scheduled an MRI for the next day to determine where exactly the blockages are and how to best treat them but her surgeon feels that he'll need to operate on at least one of the arteries. He feels that this is what made her pass out in the first place and has been causing her some memory problems, also. Well...we waited to find out the results on Tuesday evening and when my f-i-l calls, he tells us that she was released with NO EXPLANATION!! Now we're all upset, especially when we learn that she was released with a heparin lock (an emergency IV site) in place!! We insist that he go back to the hospital and have it removed because even tho it was sterile, she could accidently pull it out or get it infected or it could infiltrate. Fortunately, he listened to us and took her back. As of right now, we have no idea where things stand. Her own doctors are checking into this and they're saying that they may not operate because of her age. We're going up to see them either today or tomorrow.

Work was busy this week, with the added bonus of police action! To make a very long story short, (one in which a tech doesn't do his job and lies to me about it!!) Keith decided to fire a technician because he failed to show up for work on Friday. Apparently said tech was in a bar getting blasted. When Keith's wife called him and told him to bring the work van back to the shop, he got really weird and I got a bad feeling. He was saying odd things and was being snotty, condescending, rude, vague and just plain weird. So, Keith told us to call the cops and that's what we did. We wouldn't let him into the office. When the cops showed up they discovered that he was druck. Fortunately for him, his "daughter" drove our van back so he wasn't charged with drunk driving. It was scary. I don't like confrontation so it was upsetting to me. All ended well..I guess. He got his paycheck and we got our van and radio back. Now we just need to find some techs!! So much work, and only 1.5 techs!!

We went to dinner with our friends Wayne and Brenda last night. They brought their adorable little girl with them. She is too cute and I enjoeyed playing with her. Dinner was good. It was great to see them again. We haven't seen them since the holidays.

Well...that's it! Peace!

Sunday, February 6, 2005

Mom's OK!

OK..this is the deal: My father in-law THOUGHT that the doctor said she had an irregular heartbeat, when in fact she's had no irregular beats at all! Whew!!!! Thankfully we were there when the cardiologist showed up. My father in law is hard of hearing so sometimes he has no idea what he was told. When this happens, he embellishes on words he DID hear, but not to to the point that it's what was REALLY said. In any case, she's having a full cardiac work-up on Monday morning so perhaps they'll adjust the medications she's currently on for her high blood pressure. She looks tired, but HE looks ever MORE tired than she does! My sister in law and niece were also there. I discussed the fact that at this stage of their (Herman and his sister)  parent's lives, someone really needs to go to important doctor's appointments with them, because Dad cannot hear well at all and Mom just agrees with everything, whether or not she understand what's being told to her. It's hard to watch 2 people you love so much go thru such a decline. They have been quite fortunate in the fact that Mom has been pretty healthy all these years, and STILL is, except for this "incident". My feeling is that she will be fine and that this was a fluke. People pass out for no reason happens. I think this is what happened to Mom. I PRAY that this is all there is to it.

I wish you all....PEACE...(Thanks for kind and wise words, Adrian.)

Rough day yesterday

I received a phone call from Herman's brother in law yesterday at about 5:15pm yesterday. He told me that Herman's mother had passed out at home and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. Herman and John were at the movies at that same time so I had no other choice but to page him. So, he came home and we drove (full speed) up to NY where his parents lives. Seems that after eating a burger (from a fast food place) she felt a little ill and was walking towards the bathroom when she passed out. They likened this to the same thing that happens to people who faint at the sight of blood. They decided to keep her overnight because her blood pressure was still a bit low. Now we understand that overnight she had an irregular heartbeat so they're keeping her for a few days to run some cardiac tests. She's not happy about this at all. She's 76 years old and this is the first time she's been in a hospital. She's not afraid but she just wants to go home. So, Herman and I may take another ride up this evening to go see her and his dad, who is very upset about this whole ordeal.

Well..that's it for many things to do. Peace!

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Sorry for the "false alerts"!

Sorry for the 2 alerts earlier today. I decided to delete the entry because ...well, just "because".

All is quiet here..not too much going on. Jackie and Rachel will celebrate their birthdays next week, on the same day! Jack will be 23, while Ray will be 17. I'm supposed to take Ray for her driving test on Monday. YIKES!

Herman took John to see "The Boogeyman". I passed, for quite an obvious reason: stupid movies just don't do it for me. So, instead, I've been plopped on the couch watching "The Doors" with Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan..and lots of other famous people. I've always liked The Doors. Here in NJ there is a "cover band" called "Crystal Ship" that does all The Doors stuff. Last time I saw them I was 19 years old. I do believe that they are still around, tho. (Yes, it's been a long time!)

Maybe I'll wangle a trip to Applebee's outta Herman when he comes back...I'm tastin' nachos! LOL! It's been at least 2 weeks since I've had them so it's about time.

I cleaned the hot tub filters today because it was fairly nice out. (In the 50's and sunny.) The hot tub needs to be drained and refilled but I just don't have the energy to do it. It takes several hours.

Ok..I'm done...Peace!