Saturday, March 13, 2004

Got our new TV!!

Sears delivered our new 60" High Definition television this afternoon! Woo-hoo!! Now Herman's up there playing with it, hooking up our surround sound, DVD player and whatever the hell else gets hooked up to it! LOL!! (TV is an experience in our don't JUST watch it, you LIVE it..except me. I lock myself in my bedroom with my ol' 27" TV that only comes in green, blue and black,..and I like it that way!)

Sorry called away earlier...I'll have to update later as we have 2 couples, The Big One and her boyfriend and our friend Wayne (his wife is home with their baby) over for dinner. We had take-out Thai, Chinese and Italian..eclectic menu, eh?! (ChiThaItalianese..LOL!!) Now I hear my son entertaining everyone by playing his guitar..Jimi, System of a Down, name it, this kid will atttempt it. Right now he's butchering a Zepplin tune...I'd better go and save everyone!!

I suppose we're in for a night of carousing in the hot tub, which I WILL NOT partake in!! Sorry, but this 42 year old body DOES NOT share hot tub space with the sculpted ab's of the 20-somethings that are here now!! One of the guys girlfriends is a professional body builder/fitness model. YIKES!! Trust me..I'm not ashamed of my body..I just don't feel like sucking my tummy in for the next 1/2 hour or so! LOL! At least I fell slim tonight....all the guys here (except for Herman, who weighs about 205) weigh over 275...some are close to 350!! The girl pro body builder goes about 175, I suppose...She could totally kick my ass! She actually a very sweet girl. She is training The Big One and Ray at Herman's gym. She and her boyfriend (the guy who is close to 350) are getting married in June. What a wedding that should be! Woo-hoo!

Guess I've hidden from the crowd long enough...Everyone have a great night...and don't look for me in Church tomorrow morning...I'm sleepin' in!!




sxysweetart said...

Wow, thats quite a group you will have over! Not anyone I'd want mad at me! LOL Your meals always sound sooo good. Eclectic and delish. I'm with you on the hot tub, I'd rather just share it with the significant other! The new TV sounds awsome BTW! ~lila~

drgnflyjwls said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend Sharon! Hope your week is just as wonderful.