Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back from vacation!

Didja miss me? LOL!

We had a blast!! We spent 4 nights in San Diego and 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel. While in San Diego we went to Sea Worold, La Jolla cove, Belmont Park (amusement park) and Sunset Cliffs. We at dinner at The Bali Hai and watched the seals play in the harbor. One morning I decided that I was going to see the Hotel Del Coronado come hell or high water. So, we (me, Rachel, Richie and Rich) piled into my car and took a drive. I made a few wrong turns but we got there! And was it worth it! The Hotel Del is just spectacular! Dark wood paneling, great beach, all kinds of high-end shops..just beautiful! We spent about 45 minutes just walking around the property. (I have wanted to see the Hotel Del ever since seeing it on "Great Hotels" with Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. I want her job!)

After 4 nights in San Diego, we headed to the Disneyland Hotel for 4 nights. It was great! I spent some time alone, which is always nice. I went on Tower of Terror no less than 10 times! I think that I walked at least 6-7 miles a day while in Disneyland. But it was worth every blister I now have!I'm like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to Disneyland or any other amusement park for that matter. My kids couldn't keep up with me. The girls spent a lot of time at the pool. They don't tolerate heat very well. It was 95 degrees in Anaheim the last two days that we were there. John spent a lot of time with Richie ( my nephew) and Rich (my brother in law).

When we got home, Jackie had to pack up her things. She left for Mesa AZ on Monday. She is going to a "recovery" program there...for 7 months. She was not at all happy about this but it was necessary for her to go. She needs to pull her life together. The women (it's a women only program) must work, attend meetings and have a sponsor. It's going to be rough on her for the first few weeks but she needs to do this. Please keep her in your prayers and send her positive vibes. She needs all the help she can get!! Even though she's far away, I feel a bit more relaxed because at least I know where she is and that she's safe. Not like before. We'll go out to see her in early December.

That's all for right now..Peace!


Thursday, August 18, 2005


Took a moment off from the constant packing, shopping, cleaning, screaming, yelling, etc. that is "getting ready for vacation"! Yes, tomorrow we (me, my 4 children, my sister, her husband and son, and my Herman :(  )get on a plane bound for 4 nights in San Diego and 4 nights in Disneyland! It has been hellish trying to get myself and these 4 children ready for this big trip. All I have left to do is to pack my own suitcase...and probably 10 million other things I'm totally forgetting to do.

I am going to have a GREAT time..but truth is, I will miss Herman terribly. Our dog simply cannot be kenneled. He's a 140 pound Alaskan Malamute who has bitten twice. We can't take any chances with him. (He's food aggresive.)

Anyway..I'll try and get back to journaling once I return.

Oh, one more thing. Please hold Anthony (my friend's 16 y/o son) in your prayers. He was complaining of pain in his knee. When they xrayed it, they discovered that he has bone cancer. He's undergoing chemo now. I saw his dad (my friend) the other day and he looks so sad. Please, if you believe in the power of prayer (or even if you don't!) please pray this young man. Thanks.

Well..back to packing, yelling, screaming, etc......Peace!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My horoscope for today

"Your deepest feelings are in the process of transformation. Don't try to presuppose that you know where this journey is leading. Your willingness to jump into the watery world of emotions will be rewarded as your life is enriched and you become more connected with your true self."

I couldn't agree more!!

Saturday, August 6, 2005


I've not been myself lately, thus no posting in my journal.

Adrian tells me that I need to "LET GO"...

I think that I'll try his advice, as difficult as it may seem..

Need to let go of some of the vile poison that's been coursing thru my veins for a long time..

It ain't gonna be pretty.

I'll be back when I'm my ol' self.