Wednesday, July 28, 2004

My last day at the restaurant..

I did it...I quit my 1 day a week job at the restaurant today. My reasoning is this: My "new" old job wants me to start working a 5 day work week come September. I would like some time off this summer, maybe take the kids to the beach or just hang out. This way, I'll be off on Mondays and Thursday til September. I'll miss the place, the people but not the gossipy bullsh** that goes on day to day. Sure, every job has some of that going on but it really seems to be more prevalent in the restaurant industry. They recently hired another woman for day shift. I met her today and really liked her. So much so that I gave her my much coveted M&M tie because she loved it. I'll never wear it again so it should be given to someone who will be happy wearing it. I'm going to give away my Dr. Seuss "One Fish, Two Fish" tie and my flags of the world tie, too...Maybe Donna would like one. I was known for my quirky ties. Whenever a customer saw my tie, they would usually smile and tell me how much they loved it.

I'm going to miss my customers, the guys in the kitchen and my manager, Eddie. I had so much fun working there. But like Herman says, sometimes it can't just be about the fun...gotta be about the pay, too. I do have fun at my new job, just not alot of people to have fun with.

So, I made $2.00 today..I took the lounge and it was DEAD. I had 1 table, 1 guy. Eddie bought me lunch: grilled chicken breast topped with garlic and olive oil soaked red peppers, fresh mozzerella cheese and pico de gallo...YUM! Then he made me an Electric Raspberry Martini which tasted really strange but I couldn't seem to put down! LOL!!

Herman went to the gym early so that we can spend some time together this evening. He knows that I was sad to leave the restaurant. God, I can almost feel tears welling up in my eyes...I cried (ok, sniffled) when I had to say goodbye to everyone. ( I don't do goodbyes really well.)

Anyway, it's been a long day so I'm gonna take a quick nap before Herman gets back..Peace!

Monday, July 26, 2004

STILL too busy! Sometimes that's not a bad thing...

If anyone has been checking in to see what's new with me, I apologize. Herman was on vacation all last week and required LOTS of attention...that I was more than willing to give him! LOL!

I took off Tuesday and Wednesday so that we could do something with Ray and The Boy. (Remember, Boo is in FL with Dar..) I'm always off on Mondays so this gave us 5 full days to enjoy ourselves. We decided to go to Dorney Park for the day on Wednesday..Of course, we couldn't go without inviting Mark and Heather...and they couldn't go without inviting their friends Steve and all told, 9 of us went! (Rachel's boyfriend Bryan joined us, too...) We had a BLAST! I would have liked to have gone on  the rides a few more times (we only went on each ride once) but it was a day well spent.

The rest of the week we went out to eat alot and just hung around, enjoying each other's company. We (Herman and I) are going thru a period of renewal in our relationship..we just plain adore each other! We are getting used to not having to cater to our children and I think that we're gonna like it! Several people have recemtly said to one or the other of us that we should teach marriage classes..or they've pointed out how they see the love in our eyes when we're looking at each other or speaking of each other. "Homey G" told me that part of the reason she threw her no-good cheating husband out is because, after working with me, she realized that there ARE people who love each other and who have fun in their marriage. Well...I certainly DO NOT profess to knowing how to make a realtionship work. I just know that our relationship does...and does it well. Sure, we have stupid petty arguments..we bicker...But I have never said a bad word about my husband to anyone...mostly because there isn't much bad about the man.

We so totally balance each other out. Like a seesaw, if I'm getting really crazy and going higher and higher, he can level me out...And when he's getting serious and going down, I lift him up...and vice versa, if you will. We make each other laugh...and that might just be the most important thing. If you don't laugh, then you one wants tears all the time, right? (Trust me, we've shared PLENTY of tears..but we've SHARED them, never have we suffered alone.)

Hmmm..I was gonna make this a light and airy "what we did on our vacation" entry but I seem to have digressed...and there's no better place to digress to then my husband's arms...

Peace! Hope everyone is well!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Too busy..


1) The "new" old job was fine...survived last week with nary a bruise or bump..I used to LOVE this job til the owner made me hate it due to issues with his temper. They were really glad to have me back, tho..There was coffee and donuts waiting for me on Tuesday morning when I returned..

2) I miss my "old" job..went in on Wednesday to name wasn't on the schedule so I got pissed and went home..20 minutes later Eddie (manager) called and said, " Why the hell'd you go home, girl?! Get back here!"...Apparently he just knows that I'll show up on Wednesday's from now on so why put my name on the schedule?!

3) Speaking of my "old job" "Homey G" threw her husband out for cheating on her with the sister-in-law of the OTHER owner!! Can't say tooooo much but this is a really messed up situation...and my heart goes out to "G" and her kids...

4) Attended my first Unicameral Board meeting as an Elder of the Church..cracked them up when I said, "My name is Sharon...and can I just say that I CANNOT wait to vote on something?!" (As a Deacon representative, I was only allowed to give my report and NOT vote or voice an opinion..)

5) "Boo" leave for SC (Dar's sister's house) on Wednesday..She'll be there (with Dar and the boys) til the following Sunday and then back to FL for 2 weeks...Has she packed or done ANYTHING for this trip?! NO WAY!

6) Haven't done Paranormal Research Training yet...but it's been a busy time for everyone involved so I'm not pushing it..

7) Had a wonderful weekend with Herman! We had a barbeque Saturday (Mark, Heather and their friend Steve) and quiet! Sunday we took a trip to Pt. Pleasant for a bit after Church..

8) Herman got hurt this evening while he was benching. (A little background: He tore his right pectoral muscle 2 or so years ago..his chest is lopsided because of it.)  This eveong he was doing light (ok, 315 pounds...light for him) presses and he felt something give in his left pec (pectoral muscle) so he came right home. His pec is swollen so we alternated ice and heat..we'll see how he is in the morning. We called Wayne (he works for his uncle, who is an orthopedic surgeon) to ask his opinion of what we should do. He said we were doing the right thing and he'd talk to hisuncle in the morning and see what Herman should do next and what sign to look for, as far as another torn pec. YUCK. He's in pain...poor Herman.

9) I've been "lurking" in other journals...too much going on to comment. No time to really sit and write an entry in my own journal. Lila from Dear Diary has had to take a few weeks off from journaling..I'll miss her..

10) Hi to everyone! And now, I shall say ....G'night! Peace....

Thursday, July 1, 2004

I said YES!

Well, I made my decision today re: joining the ghost research team....And my decision was to say YES! I can't wait to get started! Since there are no requirements as far as the amount of time I must contribute, I thought that this might be the perfect "hobby" for me.

It's been really quiet here, what with Boo and The Boy gone all week long. I was kinda bored today. I took today and tomorrow off so that i could have a fresh start on Tuesday..Today I did a market research panel discussion about ADHD drugs and advertising. Interesting. The best part was the $100 pay, tho! I'm telling you, if you have a market research panel near you, have them add your name to their list. They call me every few months. I don't always qualify, but when I do, it's nice money! Today's panel discussion was 1 1/2 hours long. Not bad.

We're going to pick up Boo and The Boy tomorrow night...not looking forward to sitting in "heading to the mountains" traffic going and "going to the shore" traffic on the way back. UGHhhhhhh...

Well...not too much going on here..Herman and I are gonna go out (when he comes back from the gym, that is) for a beer or two, maybe some food...a kind of "last fling" before the young'uns come back home...Peace!