Sunday, May 30, 2004

A nice, quiet Sunday..

Dar sent me this link "Can you pass the third grade?" today..I failed the first time because I didn't realize I was being timed. The second time I passed with flying colors! It was fun..Let me know how you do!

I wound up going to the PA powerlifting meet after all. Heather and MArk go to all Herman's competitions and support him so I felt that I should return the support. Heather and Elena (Heather's best friend) both did VERY well..Heather squatted 535 pounds!! I think Elena wound up with a 500 pound squat.  Unfortunately they're in the same weight class and had to compete against each other. I believe that Elena wound up besting Heather by about 40 pounds or so. It's all good..

Brenda (Wayne's wife)  and the baby also came so I had some company. Both Bren and I thought that we would only be there for the girls squats and boy, were we surprised when we realized that we had to stay for the whole damn thing! LOL!! We decided to stop and eat at our local Applebee's rather than have a barbeque when we got home. I'm not a huge Applebee's fan but I do have to say that they have the best damn nachos I've ever had!! LOL!

Not feeling great today. Have been having problems with joint pain. Today it's really uncomfortable as it is in my wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles. Took 3 Motrin but nothing...No relief. My mother suggested that I be retested for lupus. I was tested years ago and it was negative. I'm thinking (praying, hoping) that it's just age-related joint pain or even my fibromyalgia re-surfacing. Yuck. All I know is that I'm in pain and I'm exhausted. And before y'all start on me...I'LL MAKE A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT----THIS WEEK!!! LOL! (Beat ya to it!)

I'm off to the food store to get a few things and then I'm gonna relax. Have to make a baked ziti or something for tomorrow. Maybe my special "chickatoulli" recipe...really just chicken, tomatoes, garlic over yellow rice. Umm-umm! That's lighter than baked ziti..

Everyone have a safe holiday..Peace!!

Friday, May 28, 2004

Been a long time, been a long time...

First, let me offer my sincerest apologies for not posting in over a week...


LOL!! I've been excrutiatingly busy..and aggravated to boot.

I DID take the job after much thoughtful deliberation. I've decided to start on July 6th. They were very happy that I accepted. The restaurant, on the other hand, is not quite as happy. Everyone wants me to stay..and trust me, I'd rather stay there. (That's why I'm not leaving there til the end of June!) I'm off this coming week to take care of....

MY freakin' license! In NJ you need 6 points of ID. If, however, you have changed your name from a marriage, you need to prove how you got from your maiden name that appears of your birth certificate to the name that appears on your driver's license. Easier said than done. My maiden name does not appear on my marriage license to Herman. It has my "pre-marriage surname"..that is, my ex-husband's last name. ARGGGHHH!! Motor Vehicle won't accept my birth certificate because, GET THIS ONE, it has tape on it!! SOOO..I have to go to the town hall in the town that I married my first husband and get my marriage license to him (it has my maiden name on it) and then bring it to the town hall in the city where I was born so that I can get a copy of my birth certificate!! YIKES! Then I can go to Motor Vehicle and renew my photo ID license. This, dear folks, had me so stressed out one day that I couldn't sleep. This shall forever be referred to as "My Identity Crisis"!

Last weekend was spent attending an all day powerlifting event. Our friend Wayne was competing and Herman was judging. So I spent the better part of that day with Wayne's wife Brenda and their 14 month old cutie pie, Monika. "Boo" and I entertained Monika all day. I had a lot of fun. And Wayne got his 700 lb. squat that day so all was good. Later that night wayne and Herman had Mark's bachelor party to attend so I went with Herman down to Wayne's house and Brenda, "Boo" and I went out to dinner and then waited for the guys to return. We got home at 1am so of course, I didn't make it to Church yet again. Sunday I put together a desk for my mom's new computer..a 3 hour project. Herman came over and set up the computer for her. We didn't get done there til 730 pm so we had a rather late dinner that night.

"The Big One" (Jackie) has been atodds with everyone here lately so on Tuesday I told her that she needed to go stay somewhere for a few days til she calmed the hell down. She was arguing over the fact that "Ray" had on a pair of her underwear. There is a constant problem with all my girls "borrowing" (read: TAKING) each others clothes/brushes/make-up/etc. without asking. I've addresses this time and time again but Jackie feels that I should beat the girls when this happens. The fact that they take her stuff and that I do nothing about it (her words) makes me a bad mother who cares nothing for her..Oh pul-leeze! I told her to take herself and her attitude elsewhere until she could express gratitude for the things that we've done for her. Remember, this is the child who is into me for approximately $2500.00 and thinks that we "owe her"..Sheesh! She was just here picking up some clothes so she could continue to stay wherever she's staying. I somehow suspect that she and her boyfriend may have broken up because she left with her girlfriend on Tuesday and showed up with her today. The girlfriend just smiled and waved at me...Not a word from Jackie. We are equally as stubborn, altho I did say hi to her when she walked in...ENOUGH! I'm upsetting myself...

Work was dead this dead that I decided to start my little vacation early by taking today off! LOL!! So I spent the day cleaning the hot tub and planting some flowers that I've had hanging around since Mother's Day! I understand that we're going to go out to dinner with Mark, Heather , "Boo" and "The Boy"..Sounds like fun! Actually Herman and I went out last night for a couple of beers. We ran into the "kids" (ok, they're 25 years old or so but they're kids to me!) I used to work with at the Rock and Roll liquor store so we had a few lemon drop shots with them to celebrate the future employment of one of them. We had a really good time. Then Herman decided that he absolutely had to go and get 12 midnight!! He and I went to the local diner and then home by 1am. Poor guy had to get up for work..he may wanna re-think midnight breakfasts in the future!

Speaking of Herman, he had such a rough week at work this past week. He is a Telecommunications Specialist and LAN Administrator for the world' leading express package company..He's been with them for 20 years now! (This is where I was lucky enough to meet him!) The long and short of the problem is that the home company sent him the wrong software when he encountered this problem (with data) and he spent 3 days at his job trying to fix it. He didn't get home on Wednesday night til nearly 2am!

This weekend Herman, "Boo", "The Boy", Mark, Heather and Wayne are all going to PA for a powerlifting event that Mark and Heather will be competing in! (I just spoke to Heather..she's not even into it because their wedding is 2 weeks away and she's sooo stressed out over the million things that need to be done beforehand!) This mean "Peace and Quiet Weekend" for me!! Yippee! But by tomorrow night I'll be wishing that they were all home! ("Ray" is usually with her boyfriend all weekend.)

One more thing...Lisa and I are hoping to meet for a drink or dinner sometime soon. We live about 40 miles apart and thought it might be fun to actually meet an AOL j-land friend. She mentioned someone else that may want to join us but I have not yet approached this person as I really don't know her well. Here's the thing: If you live in the NJ/Eastern PA/NY area (or somewhere in that area) and you're willing to drive, DO YOU WANNA JOIN US? I think that it wouldbe so much fun if little clusters of us met in diffrent part sof the country. We could take pictures and share with everyone else. Right about now you're all shaking your heads and thinking I'm a nut but I really DO love to meet people..especially all these cool j-landers! LOL!! Anyway...just a thought..

At this point I shall depart..Everyone should be home soon and I'm getting hungry..Have a great weekend everyone! Peace, out!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I ask what?!

I spoke to my manager yesterday and told him of my job offer. I told him that, altho I really hate to leave, the other company was offering me more money. I asked him if I could stay on 1 day a week (Wednesday) and he said that he didn't think so. I was crushed.

It sucks to learn that you are expendable. I stay at the restaurant or do I go back to my old job? I have a lot to think about...

############LATER THAT SAME DAY########## seems that my manager was kidding me! He said, "Shar...why do you look so down?" When I explained that I was upset by the fact that I may take the other job and not have 1 day a week at the restaurant, he said, "'ll ALWAYS have a job here, even if you just wanna come in for 2 hours! Of course you can work 1 day a week here! We'd love to see you stay, but we also understand that it's more money at the other place!"

So now I suppose I really need to make a definate choice here..don't you?! (Thanks janothy for all your advice...and yes, I did listen!)

Getting ready to do food delivery to a local women's shelter..The Deacon's serve a baked ziti parmigiana to this shelter once a month. I just hope that we have enough help...I know of only 1 other person who's definately going to be there...Should be interesting as we feed approx 50 residents a meal of baked ziti, farlic bread, celery, carrot, cookies and juice..This is not the time to be shorthanded..Oh well..gotta get out of my work clothes and into something a bit more comfortable!

Everyone have a great night! Peace!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Now what?? I called my former employer and said "Thanks, but no thanks" and explained that I really struggled with this decision all weekend. Soooo...about an hour later, they call back and practically beg me to come back! They'll pay me $12.50 an hour to start and talk raise at the end of the summer!! NOW WHAT???!!! I told her (the owner's wife) that I really have to think about it some more and I would need to speak to my current manager to see if he'd allow me to work Monday and Wednesday lunches.

I'm so confused at this point...should I go back or not? I used to love the job because it was so diversified but it was stressful..

Ok..I'm gonna think out loud here...It was stressful partially because of what was going on with my girls and partially because the boss was a maniac at times. Now, the girls have calmed down considerably and, according to his wife, he's on medication for his anger management issues.

As far as money goes, I average about $30. a day at the restaurant, which is $120. a week plus about $25. in wages per let's say I make (in a good week) maybe $150-$175 per week. If I go back to work at the old job, I'll make $225 a week for 18 hours ( three 6 hour days) of work. Plus, if I can work a lunch or two, I'll make even more..I'm so not about the money but I really need to be. I hate that.

Argggghhhhhhhh!!!!! What am I gonna do??!!


Sunday, May 16, 2004

Homework Assignment

Gonna do this one quickly...Scalzi wanted to know if we had any brushes with celebrities..

1) Michael Jackson and his entire family..Went to see "The Wiz" in NYC when I was about 11 or 12...The ENTIRE Jackson Family was in the audience. My sister got a kiss from Michael, whilst I got an autograph from Randy.

2) Kenny G once spit on me! LOL! Ok...not on purpose, but when I saw him at The Bottom Line (NYC again) his spit hit me while he was playing his saw...His song "Songbird", is our wedding song. My choice, not Herman's....LOL!

3) Jack older comedian. Once shared an airplane ride with him.

4) Dick O'Neill..ok, I know that you KNOW this guy..He was Cagney's dad in "Cagney and Lacey"...also a character actor who was in many, many movies. dad went to group therapy with his wife. So, one year we went to CA and we had a barbeque at his house! I still have the pictures! He made us burgers!

I think that's it..If I think of any more, I'll add to the list...too tired to think.

BUSY our new bedroom furniture this weekend..OMG! It's beautiful! I'll take pictures! (Yeah,,ummm...right after I do the "before" pictures I promised..ugh..) The past week has been so hectic and CRAZY that I have yet to take a breather!!I kinda blew the "new me" attitude the past few days...I'll get right back on it tomorrow...Right after I call my old job (the one I was asked to come back to) and say "Thanks for asking, but I really do need to decline.."  That's "NO" if you weren't paying attention!! LOL...

The biggest problem with going back is that I'd be working in a small office by myself...can't do it. I need to be around people..lots and LOTS of people.

Ohhh..."Boo" and I went to Heather's bridal shower today...Had a nice time. Herman thinks that you have a "good" time at these affairs..(Ok..Herman's idea of a good time is FOOD, and lots of it!)...I tried to explain that this was an "obligation"...not a "good time"..Yes, you can have a "nice time" at these things but never really a "good time"...know what I mean? And if you click on the provided link, yes..that is our friend..the one I refer to as the one that will kick my ass!! She really is a doll, tho..It took me a long time to warm up to her, but it was because she is very shy. She really is a doll...She's become a good friend..

Anyway..I'm BEAT...gonna go curl up to Herman (God, I LOVE that man!!) and tell him how much I love him...and how much I missed him today...(Dar, are you puking yet?!)..Can't wait til morning so that I can call the old employer and decline his invitation to return..Thanks to ALL of you who said that I should follow my heart...I DID!! THANKS!


Fun game..

Amy had this "game" in her journal..I thought it was TOO funny so I've decided to play along!!

1. Exotic Foreigner Alias = Favorite Spice + Foreign Vacation Spot. "Dill Bahamas

2. Socialite Alias = Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied. "Jolly Green Giant Silverton"

3. "Fly Girl" Alias (a la J. Lo) = First Initial + First Two Or Three Letters of your Last Name. "She" or "S. Hen"

4. Diva Alias = Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen. "Tonic Dawn"

5. Girl Detective Alias = Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Last Went to School "Puppy Toms River"

6. Barfly Alias = Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Drink. "Doritos Dirty Martini"

7. Soap Opera Alias = Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived. "Dianne Green"

8. Porn Star Alias = First Pet's Name + Street You Grew Up On. "Rocky Delaware"

9. Rock Star Alias = Any Liquid on the Bar + Last Name of Bad-Ass Celebrity. "Amaretto Depp"

I give all "credit" to Amy..and, like she said in her post, if you decide to play, let me know!!

Saturday, May 15, 2004

My Dilemma

I received a phone call (out of the blue!!) from my old boss's wife. Prior to working at the restaurant, I worked in a liquor store and for a local heating/air-conditioning/refrigeration guy. I was a general secretary for him. My job included: answering the phone; ordering and running parts to job site; writing proposals, letters, etc.; writing bills; light filing; scheduling; light sales; taking his bullshi*. In short, although I wasn't the office manager, I ran the office. (The office manager, Diane, is still there. She is only the office manager in the sense that she was there longer than me and did the bookkeeping. She only worked twice a week.) I worked Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and pretty much made my own hours. He needed me in by 9am and I could work a full day, if it was busy enough, or I could work til 1pm.

My dilemma is this: I left on bad terms. He was mouthing off (he has a TERRIBLE temper) one day and my family was going thru a tumultuous time then (Boo was being committed to a long-term mental facility) so I was not in the mood for his crap. I told him to knock it off or I was outta there. He told me that I could go because I wasn't doing my job properly. I promptly got up, put my office keys on the desk and walked out. Never spoke to him again. Never saw him again. His office is 4 blocks from my house and I never see him! But I saw him Wednesday night. I honked my horn, smiled and waved. ( I don't hold grudges.) This morning his wife (who is a doll) called and asked if I would consider coming back to work for him at the rate of $12 an hour. She said that he didn't know she was calling but I think he asked her to call....

What to do, what to do...I love my job at the restaurant but I'm not making enough money. I used to love my job when I was working for the HVAC guy but I'm not sure I should suck it up (so to speak) and go back.

Any opinions? I'd love to hear them....

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I know, I know..

Ok..I know that I said that I would post pictures but I have yet to have a moment to myself since last Thurday!! LOL! Friday was flower sale at high school (went well!) Saturday was the Beringer House 5k Run/Walk Race (had a good time!) Sunday was SUPPOSED  to be a quiet day but ALL my in laws showed up (I NEED A BREAK!!) Monday was Blood Drive at Church from 2pm til 9pm (we collected 20 opints of blood) today was work, therapy (at 445p) and Deacon meeting (at 710pm)...AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

Herman has the whole week off! He's gotta get my bedroom ready for my new furniture! We're (read: HE'S) painting my room a nice Sage Green an I think he's going to try to get a carpet remnant for my floor. (The old carpet is SHOT.) It was nice to have yesterday morning with him...altho my mother and father-in-law were still here..but they left by 1130am..

Jackie (The Big One) got fired from her job because she called out sick on Mother's Day. Now she wants to come back to work where I am..NO WAY! Her health is always so fragile she'll wind up being out sick alot..

OK...I have been asked to marinate the chicken before I head off to therapist..I will try and get those pics ASAP..ANd I'm beginning to see a difference in my body already!! Woooo-hoooo!


Friday, May 7, 2004

E'beth sent me this one..

Three Questions-borrowed from another journal

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want and I will answer it.

Then, I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.


Just got back from the gym!! Yes, I did a 45 minute fit-ball class and I'm just about dead. My reward? My husband is taking me out to dinner..and trust me, I'm gonna behave myself!! LOL!! I may have a baked potato but nothing fried...and iced tea! NO BEER!! This is a first!! Out to dinner without beer?! SIMPLY UNHEARD OF!

Ok..I realize that I have been posting ALOT so I may take the weekend off..No gym this weekend but I do pplan on walking a bit..And I'll work on those "before" pictures!!

Have a great weekend! Peace...

On the "New Me" front..

Ok..I know, I know..I said I'd put pictures up!! And I will..just couldn't last night. Herman had his gym friends over and they went into the hot tub. Maybe he'll do it tonight.

I did good yesterday. Had only 2 razor thin fries, no croutons. Ate 2 grilled chicken strips with pico de gallo for lunch. Ate dry cereal and a banana for breakfast. Forget what I had for dinner..maybe more cereal? "Ray" and I took a 2 mile walk in lieu of going to the gym.

Today I ate a yogurt for breakfast, a spinach salad (no croutons!!) for lunch and I snacked on a banana and cereal when I got home from selling flowers at the high school. So far, so good. I plan on going to the gym tonight, either to do a pilates class or a body-ball sculpting class..we'll see.

Tomorrow I have to work the finish line for the Beringer House 5K Run/Walk that our Church sponsors..Early day for me..gotta be there by 8am for the 830am race start time.

My face is beginning to look a bit thinner. Must be all the damn water I'm drinking!! My massage yesterday was wonderful! Loosened me all up, got rid of some toxins that have been lurking in my body! LOL!!

Ok...I'm rambling now so I'm outta here!

Peace! Have a great weekend...if I get those pics, I'll post 'em.

Scalzi's weekend assignment

This weekend's assignment is either the best birthday present you've received or given..

This is an easy one for me!

For my 40th birthday (3 years ago, for those of you counting!) my husband hired a stretch limo and took me to NYC. We stayed at the hotel at the base of the World's Trade Center. Then the limo whisked us off to the theatre where I got to see "Riverdance"!! It was wonderful! (Now, I know several of you are saying "How cheesy!!" but even my husband who HATES theatre really enjoyed it! And, I'm Irish so it's my duty to see it! LOL!!) Afterwards, we took the subway back to our hotel (limo had already left..) and we went to the Sky Bar on top on WTC..Beautiful! Windows on The World was right next door.. Then we met our friends Tom and Ro for dinner at Morton's, The Steakhouse. We had a GREAT time!!

The next day we ate brunch at the hotel and took the train home. It was funny because we left by limo and we had to walk home from the train station!! I left in a beautiful dress and came home in jeans..

This was the best gift I've EVER received for my birthday...My husband went to a lot of trouble to arrange it and then to keep it a secret.

My birthday is in April. That September I watched as the place where I had spent my most memorable birthday crumble to the ground.

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Re: Tmmiles4's suggestion

This is gonna be realllll quick as I'm almost late for work...

TMMILES4 (DAR!!!!) suggests that I do before and after pictures..


When Herman comes home, I'll have his take profiles pictures and I'll get them in here ASAP...

What to wear, what to wear..

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Day 3..

So far, so good..I had 1 razor thin (ok, pencil thin) fry at work BUT no soup, no croutons, no salad dressing!! Breakfast consisted of dipping a banana into a box (1 portion-sized) of Cheerios. I had 2 (very small) slices of Margherita pizza for lunch and an Arugula sald with chicken breast, avocado and balsamic vinegar. Had a snack of Stonyfield peach yogurt this far. I made a lo-fat dill dip to make the celery stix go down easier!

Believe it or not, my face is thinner!! This is important because any picture taken of me recently makes me look like I have a double chin. So this is a definite BONUS!

Been drinking LOTS of water.."flushing" the toxins right outta me! It's easy to drink a lot of water at work but at home it's a bit more difficult. I can go hours without drinking anything..

No gym tonight. Instead, I went to Sears to buy some workout clothes for myself. Got a couple of things. I'll go to the gym tomorrow evening after my massage. I'm kinda looking forward to it!

Work was slow today. It was "Buy 2 Lunches, Get 3rd free" day. I refer to this as the "free sex with your meal day" because I ALWAYS get screwed on the tip!! People are supposed to tip on the amount BEFORE the discount but 90% of the time, they don't. And there's no tactful way to remind them of this, either. Today we tried showing them the bill before the discount and then presented them with the discounted bill. No luck. I give up.

I've been training a new guy the past 2 days. He's in his 50's, very overweight and extremely slow on his feet. When you work lunches you really need to be a "speed demon". These customers are on lunch break and usually only have an hour (at most) to choke down a meal. So I don't see this guy lasting long at all. No lie- it took him 5 minutes to refill a soda!!

I'm craving (BAD) things today..gotta stay busy, gotta stay focused!!

Gonna go and get some stuff done. Thank you everyone for leaving such positive messages! I TRULY appreciate them! You're keeping me motivated!!

G'night...peace, out!

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

...and later that evening

Well...can I get an "AMEN" and maybe even a "HALLELUJAH"??!! Yes..this girl spent the past 1 1/2 hours at the frickin GYM!!! I did a kickboxing class (albeit poorly at best) and a "Butts n Guts" class..Can I complain about how tired I am?! But it's a really good kind of tired!!


(Now where the hell are the Crunchy Klondike bars?!)

I would say that Day 2 of improving my health has gone fairly well...wouldn't you? I may even see a bikini yet for the All Girl Cruise!! WOO F'n HOOOOOOOO!!

Later on that same day..

AHEM...May I have your attention please?? Yes, this woman made it thru work today without eating 1 delectable french fry, 1 crouton or 1 cup of cream o'mushroom soup!! ::::APPLAUSE LIGHT GOES ON::: Thanks you! ::bows:: What I DID eat was 2 blackened chicken strips over brown rice and pico de gallo and a squirt of lemon....TASTY!!

Tonight I'm thinki' grilled chicken breast over greens..balsamic vinegar..maybe a slice of lo-carb bread. See, my plan here is to try and eat a bit healthier..I'm not gonna EVEN attempt Atkin's only because I cannot see having zero carbs (ok..30 carbs) a day. My feeling is that if I cut out sugars, limit carbs and fats and do away with alcohol, and TRY to hit the gym at least 3x a week, I should see some results by summer. Right now I'm about 160 pounds, which isn't awful because I am tall, 5'10"..The thing is, I don't own a scale nor do I WANT to own a scale..I think that people get too caught up in the numbers issue. Me, I'll feel and see the difference...hopefully sooner than later!! LOL!! I'm not into taking weight loss pills or strict diets.

One of the guys at work asked me why I want to lose weight. My answer: I don't look good naked anymore!! Poor guy near 'bout died!

I'll keep you posted...gonna attempt the "gym" thing tonight...maybe.....


Can I get a break here?!

Another long weekend! But it was nice! Herman and I had a nice dinner at Seabra's Armory, the Portuguese place that we like to eat at. Good food, great sangria! LOL! I treated this weekend as "my last supper"...Well, not really last supper but last indulgent meals for awhile.

I've decided that I really need to lose a little weight and start getting in shape. So...I've cut out beer and alcohol (which in itself is a positive thing!) and I'm just gonna watch what I eat. Since I'm really not a sweets eater this shouldn't be difficult. I've decided that I'll watch my carbs (but not eliminate them totally!!) and my fat. This is my downfall..I LOVE FRIED FOOD!! So it's lean meats and salads for this girl! Yesterday I ate a prime rib sandwich (probably not the best choice) for lunch and a serving of Cheerios for dinner. This morning I've had Cheerios, a banana and some turkey wrapped in Swiss cheese. Work is going to be the MOST difficult's a french fry free for all there! I love dipping french fries into 1000 Island dressing. Oh, and the cream of mushroom soup is to die for! I'm really going to have to make an effort to substitute lettuce for fries...and no creamy dressings, either. Balsamic vinaigrette for me. Luckily I really do enjoy salads.

Oh, when my son saw his room he said,"Oh, it's clean..thanks." BOYS!!! The kids had a great time at the paintball range. When we picked them up they were exhausted! They loved riding in the stretch Hummer, too.

The rest of the week/next weekend are lining up to be very busy for me. Massage on Thursday (no complaint here!), Mother's Day flower sale at the high school on Friday (no work!! woo-hoo!), Beringer House 5k walk/run on Saturday(I get to work the finish line!), Mother's Day on Sunday (I plan on sleeping) and Blood Drive on Monday. Oh, and my mother and father-in-law are spending the weekend here. Whew...I'm aleady tired!! Thank God these are all relatively fun events..

Wish me luck at work today...chant it with me now: NO FRENCH FRIES>>NO CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP>>SALAD>>SALAD>>

Saturday, May 1, 2004

A quickie..

Hey all! Two of my children are away in NY this weekend at my sister-in-law's house..Ray has been out with The Boyfriend all day and The Big One (Jackie) is working AND spending time with her boyfriend! Whew! You'd think that Herman and I would be spending LOTS of quality time together but that's simply NOT the case! Well, partially, anyway...He's in the shower getting ready to take me out to dinner..Yay!!!

Spent a majority of the day cleaning my son's hell-hole of a room..It started because I needed to grab all the laundry from his room..Well, it just SNOWBALLED from there! I saw garbabge on the floor, clothes (dirty and clean) shoved into get the picture. Then I opened :::scary music playing::: THE CLOSET, also known as THE GATEWAY TO HELL!! I swear to you that it was piled up 5 1/2 feet high by 4 feet deep!! He had papers from 1st grade in there!! Broken toys, snowboard equipment, old blankets, glass cabinet doors (???) name it, it was in there! Welllllll...I just went BERSERK! I tossed everything outta that closet and on to his bedroom floor! The tally? 8 bags of garbage, 1 bag (so far) of Goodwill clothes,15 pieces of silverware, 4 drinking cups, 2 bowls and 1 exhausted (and pissed...did I say how pissed off I am?!) mother. THE GATEWAY TO HELL is now a clean passage..LOL!!

Another busy week in store...well, kind of busy. I have to sell Mother's Day flowers ar the high school on Friday and try to advertise for our Deacon's May blood drive on Monday May 10th..oh, yeah...and another massage on Thursday!! Wooooohooooo!!

Ok..being "paged" by Herman..he's obviously VERY hungry and ready to leave..

Peace out!

("Boo"...don't tell your brother about his room if you're reading this!!!!)