Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Yep, that's about it..Blah. Feeling down today, no real reason to. Had a slight anxiety "attack" yesterday because I started to get really overwhelmed by everything that I needed to accomplish. Went to the therapist today. I told E'beth that my therapist is the only who actually listens to me and agrees that I'm 100% right! LOL! (Everyone needs someone like that!!) Once, while food shopping, I was talking to myself. An older woman came over to me and pointed out that I was doing this. I turned to her and said, "I have 4 children..I talk to myself because they don't listen!" She laughed and then agreed with me.

The kids are making me feel like a horrible parent lately. Ray tells me that I yell too much. (Personally, I don't yell nearly enough...a matter of opinion.) I tell/ask them to get something done and it's just not getting done. Saturday I assigned everyone a room and told them that they couldn't leave the house til the room and their bedroom were spotless. Worked for 3 of them. My son has his own standards, which allows for garbage and laundry on his bedroom floor. I know that I've griped about this before and people always say (no one in j-land, just other people), "You're the parent..JUST make them do it!" Well, you know, sometimes it too damn tiring to constantly explain to my kids why the have to do something, how they should do do something and no, I will not give you money to clean your own damn room!!

God, I'm sooo tired. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday to see what he can do for my poor sleeping. I sleep, I just don't relax ..so I wake up every morning feeling as though every muscle in my body has been tensed all night long. ::sigh::: Sorry, I'm in "woe is me" mode..And I really don't mean to be..

Dar called me this morning! She hurt her neck so she's out of work for the next week or so.

Anyone watch "Average Joe: Adam Returns" last night? I just love Adam and I'm so glad that he got this chance. (Again, another "guilty pleasure".)

The snow: We've received about 3" of the stuff today. It should disappear by Saturday as it will be in the 50's by then. Driving was very dangerous because it mixed with sleet/hail/freezing rain earlier in the day. Deadly combo.

That's it for now...gonna go cuddle up with Herman and watch a movie....if I don't fall asleep, that is! LOL



wizgem said...

Hi SHARON, it's been a while. "Talking to yourself" is normal.....only sometimes, though....LOL. I think this is one way to "condition" yourself on things and to verbally "tell yourself" about something. I hope that what I am saying do make sense here.....LOL, or else I will start talking to myself.....LOL. Just visiting your entertaining journal and I hope you sleep/slept well.....Take care! CHOY :-)

drgnflyjwls said...

I'm almost positive most people talk to themselves. Maybe not out loud as you and I , but I bet more do so than we realize. I feel it helps me stay sane! LOL

I hope you had a restful sleep last night and are feeling somewhat rejuvenated today.


hillareeday said...

That's funny that you talk to yourself! Sometimes I talk to myself too! Could it be that I work with lots of children too?! LOL
I like your idea about splitting up the chores among your kids. Sounds like a good way to get the work done fast! Way to delegate!!!

sxysweetart said...

I talk to myself all the time LOL! I know my son can drive me so crazy sometimes when he won't do what I've asked, than I ask again, the third time I'm mad and the yelling begins, than I get "why are you always so mean to me?" Grrrrrrr!! ~lila~