Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm such a bad blogger!

Hi all! ("All" there's anyone

Spent last Saturday night at Ft. Mifflin...freezing my ASS off! But the fun we had! Sue, Terry and I (Ali was supposed to go but had been sick prior..) spent last Saturday night at this amazing fort! The staff couldn't have been more gracious or accomodating. Hot and cold beverages ALL night and a full breakfast in the morning. We were so happy to see John Zaffis and Adam Christian Blai! What a surprise! (If you don't know who they are, google their names.) I have to go thru my evidence. Sue and Terry got some interesting stuff.

Sunday Sue and I were lucky enought to attend a Tourette Syndrome benefit in Westfield NJ. My boss's wife is a teacher in the same town that Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters is from. Dave Tango suffers from a mild case of Tourette's. His dad Bruce held a benefit dinner for the cause. Dave, Steve Gonsalves, Jason and Grant were all in attendance. So was the Amazing Kreskin and The Party Dolls! We had a great time but we were so tired that we left early. We had some really cool people at our table, tho. Hopefully we'll be interviewing some of them this week...they want to join the TSPR ranks!

Anyway...more later...