Thursday, August 26, 2004


Sorry..haven't felt much like journaling has been getting in the way!

Had a CAT scan of my abdomen and pelvis results yet. In the mean time, I still have the pain and discomfort from whatever the hell this is..

Not much to report so I guess I'll pimp some journals..

Need some male insight?'s only a click away! Remo has one of the funniest damn journals around! (Caution: this journal is full of adult content and it MAY make you pee yourself! WEAR DEPENDS!!)

If you're looking for some female perspectives, well hop on over here! This is a GREAT journal, full of the wisdom of 3 terrific women journalers here in J-land! (And they even have male guest writers sometimes!)

As you know, Amy The Hippie is always one of my favorites! She's into astrological potpourri right now..She never fails to either crack me up or make me think..

Looking for a great story? This chick has some of the best stories around! And don't call her "Deb"'s Deborah to you!

Jeff over at "What the Hell?" always has a story to share...and he's in love with Annalisa over at Simple Yet Satisfying...

Can't forget good ol' Gordy...go over and give him a big ol' hug, wontcha?!

Looking for some homespun stories from a sensitive and wonderful man? Go visit John at Losing It..He tells great stories about his nephew Bubba..nice pics, too!

Looking for some heartwarming stories about love and teaching? Ms. Hillaree Day has some wonderful stories to share about her life...and she's in love, too! She'll make you cheer "Brava!!"

Ok..I'll pimp some more journals at a later date..but for now these should keep you plenty busy!

G'night and peace!

Friday, August 20, 2004

This and that...

Been on vacation all week long..Went back to Dorney Park with all 4 children and a friend..Had a blast! Went to Pt. Pleasant one night and walked the boardwalk...nice night...Celebrated Herman's 45th birthday yesterday!! He and I went to The Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant last night..disappointing. My steamers (clams) were soooo sandy and had an awful stench to them. I had to send them back. They are also overpriced as far as lobsters go. Herman had a 2 pound lobster dinner that cost us $36!! (The portuguese places we normally frequent usually have twin lobster specials for less that $25) All in all it was nice night..the kids were all away for the night. (This was not an accident...we threw them all out! LOL!!)

Had an abdominal ultrasound two weeks ago for the pain that I have had for a month. According to my primary doctor, it came back "esentially fine" but as to why the pain still persists, no answers...So I headed off to the gastroenterologist on Thursday morning. He is concerned that something is going on (I have severe reflux which has resulted in a pre-cancerous condition of the esophagus, Barrett's Esophagus..yuck..) so he wants me to have a CAT scan. He thinks that it may be my gallbladder. All I know is that I have had a pain in my upper right side for 5 weeks now with no relief. Thankfully, this doctor WILL get to the bottom of it.

I heard from Lila!! She's doing well and wants me to tell everyone that she says "HI!!" and hopes that all is well with everyone. She likes her new job. Shane (her son) is doing well...I'll be writing back to her soon..

We're supposed to have a party tomorrow but it doesn't appear that the weather is going to cooperate. May have to postpone to Sunday or next weekend..It's going to be mostly Herman's gym friends so it should be a wild party!! LOL!

Dar and her family evacuated for Hurricane Charley but went back home when it turned east and headed a bit south and east of her. I don't think they even got rain from the hurricane! Lucky, lucky break for them...

Well..that's it for now..have tons of laundry to do and then I need to address the needs of the house! LOL!

Peace, everyone!!


Thursday, August 12, 2004

"I am a gay American"- NJ Gov. McGreevey

Bravo, Governor!


I'm so proud to have my Governor come out of the closet and to proudly announce that he is gay!

Saturday, August 7, 2004

Bad, bad blogger!!''s been a long time. Let's play catch up, shall we?

Boo came home this past Monday. Her flight (into Newark) was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. Of course, this was the day after the terror alert went up for NYC, Newark and DC. So, she wasn't too thrilled to be flying that day. She had a good time with Dar and the boys, hanging out and going to the beach.

I was supposed to do the paranormal research training thing last Friday but I haven't been feeling well. Stomach problems that may be gallbladder problem. I'm having an abdominal ultraound on Monday morning. In the meantime, I've been rather uncomfortable and not much fun. :(

Jackie is thinking of moving out into an apartment with her friend Dana. (Let's many ways are there to say HIP HIP HOORAY??) We'll see. She is seriously delusional in thinking that she'll be able to support herself. But...hey! GO! :::picking colors for my office (her bedroom) as I type this:::

The Boy has had band practice every day. They're sounding great! He plays the electric guitar and sings (warbles)..He has the whole "rock star" attitude and look, to boot! :::picking out my new mansion online for when he becomes rich:::

Ray has been out with Bryan every day. They're so cute together. She's going to come to work with me for a few hours next weeek. I'm going to have her pull files for me. It gets too confusing when I have to do that and answer the phone at the same time. Keith (my boss) gave me the go-ahead to hire her to help me out for a bit. (I have a $100 limit, tho.)

Work has been good. I more than likely have sold a new ice machine to a local college. This results in a $150 reward! Woo-hoo! Making the "big bucks" now! LOL!!

Herman is doing well. He has to judge the WNPF World's meet tomorrow. He's not looking forward to it. How'd you like to have to tell a 300+ pound guy that his lift was no good?! Didn't think so... Hopefully Wayne and Brenda will go to watch tomorrow. Don't wanna have to sit around there all day by myself.

Boo has made friends with Mark's (of Mark and Heather fame) cousin Monica. She's a year older than Boo. They're both being trained at the gym by Heather, who is currently in training for the nationals body building event to be held in Dallas in November. Boo is leaving for the Poconos today with Monica and her family. She'll have a blast!

Well...Herman is back from the gym so I guess I'd better go motivate him to clean out the shed for Monday's metal garbage pick up. Ugh. So much to put out by the curb. Then food shopping. Fun, fun, fun..