Friday, March 5, 2004

Doesn't get better than this....LOL!!

I'll bet you're asking yourselves right now, "Why is her mood saying "surprised"?" Well, the story I'm about to tell you is just PRECIOUS....NOT.

Ok, we went to see the Big One earlier (you just knew that this had to do with her, right?! C'mon..admit did..) and then came home to take a nap. Decided that we really needed to get a bite to eat so off we go: me, Herman and The Boy. Nice dinner at Steak and Ale. Came home around 9pm or so. Herman took The Boy to Blockbuster and I came down here to check my email. About 10 minutes later, my doorbell rang. Well, since it's a little too late for the kids friends to come a callin', I look out my front window to see who's there. Lo and behold, it's 3 police officers!! I think that they're here because we saw a suspicious character walking around the neighborhood ealier, looking inside everyone's cars. No, that's not it. "Where is The Big One? Who are you? Is she here?" I explained that I was her mother, she was out and I had no idea where she was. I told them that she had left a note on my kitchen table stating that she had been released from the hospital and that she was out with her boyfriend and her girlfriend. They made me call her and tell her to come home immediately abut not to tell her that they were here. Apparently she left AMA (against medical advice) and was supposed to have a psych conslut before they released her. Unfortunately, no one at the hospital explained this to her so she though that it was ok to leave. When she came home to change, a doctor from the hospital called and told her that she would need to come back for a psych consult. The Big On e said ok but when. The doctor said she'd call her right back but never did. So The Big One left the house to go and get something to eat.

So here she comes up the front walk, suspicious that something's up. She isn't in the door 30 seconds before the police run in the front door! 3 squad cars!! 3 officers!! They made her sit down and they explained what was going to happen. Fortunately they allowed us to take her back to the hospital with a squad car escort.

So, there she sits..totally pissed me, at the police and especially at the hospital. And they're not going to release her tonight, contrary to what the police told her. Me? I'm happily looking forward to what tomorrow will bring me.

If you don't laugh, you cry......I'm a giggling fool right about now....



donah42 said...

Well, you can always be thankful you don't live in my neck of the woods, or you might've had the friggin SWAT team at your door....Keep hanging in there!

mountainmere said...

Maybe this will scare the shot out of her and make her realize that there are consequences to her actions. It might even make her get her crap together. I'm sorry you have such a selfish and inconsiderate daughter. You deserve so much better than what she's done to you and your family.

Try this: make her read all of your journal entries and comments and then ask her how they have made her feel.

drgnflyjwls said...

Hang on tight! Looks like a mighty bumpy ride for you and yours Sharon. My thoughts are with you & especially w/your Big One. I hope she can finally shake this monkey off her back.