Monday, March 22, 2004

Do you hear that sound??

Hear it?? :::splat::: There it goes again! :::splat:::: Why, it's the sound of my children dropping like flies!! Yes, ladies and gentleman, I have a houseful of stomach-virus sufferin' children at home today. Can you say "happy- happy, joy- joy"?! Ugh..doesn't get much worse than this! Poor kids! My son seems to have it the worst. He's a very lanky child, weighs about 75 pounds. He's extremely thin and really can't afford this. The girls are just feeling nauseous at this point. The fun is sure to begin soon, tho.

Everyone is doing "100 Things About Me" in their journals. I'm gonna give it a try...just as soon as the kids start to feel better. Actually, some of those 100 things you MAY NOT wanna know! LOL!! And some of them I'm trying to forget!

I have about a million things that I need to get done today, so I'm going to end for now..

Peace! Have a great day!!


drgnflyjwls said... sorry to hear the bug is making rounds. I tell people all the time that I'm a fiend with the Lysol spray when my 4 get sick. It's the absolute worse when it makes a 2nd go 'round! Good luck in containing it. Hope you are all better soon.


donah42 said...

Oh No!!!! Hang in there!