Monday, October 30, 2006

Yeah, it's been a long time..I know..

Ok...where do I begin?

Been doing really well at the gym. I curled 25 pounds with my left arm tonight!! (Ok..I could BARELY curl 10 pounds when I started so 25 lbs. is a miracle! Also, I couldn't curl it with my right arm becasue my right arm isn't as strong as my left arm.) So, yes...progress is being made daily. I've been averaging 3 days a week for the past few weeks. My weight is up but I think it's because I'm getting more muscle mass. ( I love flexing my biceps! LOL) Elisa has been keeping up with me, even passing me up in the upright bench press.

I've been pretty busy the past few weeks. Oh, I caught a damn head cold that kept me down for a few days. I hate head colds! Give me the flu any ol' day! Lay in bed, sip soup, have people take care of you, call out of work for 4 days!! A cold, sympathy, no soup, no calling out of work. ::ugh:: 

TSPR news: We are getting new shirts and a new jacket this week! We (me, Ali and Sue) went back to do a follow up investigation last night. One of our ranks resigned today. This saddened me. I hate to see this person go. On Wednesday night we are going to see John Zaffis (a demonologist) at a local college. Can;t wait! We (me and Ali) were very fortunate to meet John at a paranormal conference in CT 1 year ago. He's fascinating!

Jon: Maybe you know Jon, maybe you don't. He's a good friend of Brian and Kathleen's. A week or so ago he lost his dad to a massive heart attack. Jon's entries are heartbreaking , to say the least. Please hold Jon and his family in your thoughts and prayers. If you read thru Jon's journal a bit, you'll see that a friend of his is missing and has presumably committed suicided. (He left a carefully placed note.) How much can a person endure? You can feel Jon's pain when you read his blog. (Side note: Jon is an incredibly talented and witty guy. Read his journal. I think you'll agree that he has a way with words. And he's as sarcastic as the day is long...and I like that in a person!)

John: My son broke his wrist 2 weeks ago today. He was skateboarding and when he fell, he smacked his wrist against the wood and broke it. He's in a cast for 1 more week and then a wrist splint for another 3 weeks. When I originally took him to the ER, they said that it wasn't broke and that it was sprained. An hour after we got home, they called back and said that the radiologist saw a break in his wrist. So we had to go back to the ER and get it splinted. Then we had to go to an orthopedic dr and get it casted the next day. Aghhhhh...

Ok...I guess that's it for now.


Monday, October 9, 2006

What I did this weekend

Me, Ali and Sue (all from TSPR) attended UNIV-CON in State College, PA this past weekend. It was a gathering of all different sorts of people who are interested in the paranormal. I think I speak for all of us when I say that a great time was had by all! We attended a few really great lectures/presentations and a few really awful ones, too. (I feigned an asthma attack to get out of one particularly bad presentation. I'm sure that I'm going to hell for that one!)

We were pleasantly surprised when we met Jason from Ghost Hunters. He was a nice guy, down to earth. We had a nice time chatting with him. Several of the guest speakers were very nice. Patrick Burns from Court TV's Haunting Evidence was one of the nicest guys I've yet to meet. He did a presentation on EVP work that was wonderful. Ali and I learned a great deal from him. Ryan Buell, a Penn State student (or graduate, not sure) was there. A&E gave him a show of his own titled Paranormal U. It airs in 2007. He was a doll, too. Most everyone there was very nice. There were some exceptions to this, but I'm not naming names.

It was a long ride...4 hours from here. But what a gorgeous ride! The leaves were spectacular on the way home. Too bad I was driving. I would've taken pictures for ya! I didnt bring my new camera with me as it is bulkier than my old one and wayyyyy more expensive. I wasn't comfortable leaving it in the room, either.

Well...I have to get back to cleaning up the mess that awaited my return.