Saturday, November 29, 2003

The (Paranormal) Results are in!

Yay! I checked the website for the paranormal research team that came to our house awhile ago and the results were posted! Tr-State Paranormal Research Just click on "Indoor Investigations" on the left and go to "Metuchen, NJ" at top of page. Can't post too much more because we're expecting my family over for Chinese food. I was very pleased with the results of the investigation, though...WE ARE NOT CRAZY!! (Ok ...we ARE..but we're not seeing things! There REALLY are spirits in the house!


Monday, November 24, 2003

Oooops! Sorry..

I apologize for not taking the time out to write but it's been crazy! I'm really having a difficult time getting used to standing on my feet for 6 hours straight 5 days a week! I DID bring those ever so uncomfortable " I LOVE COMFORT" shoes back...Got myself a piar of $70 Rockport Walkers! You would think that I would stop complaining, but, no....My feet STILL hurt!! It's me, though. And the fact that I AM 42 years old, after all. What was I thinking?! So...went out a few nights later and bought some Dr. Scholls's inserts (no, I AM NOT gellin'! LOL!!). They seem to help a bit. Enough about the state of my feet..

Work is great. I really enjoy meeting new people and the kids I work with are all fun to work with. You know, that's one of the reasons I love to wait tables...the people you work with become like family to you. I've always likened a restaurant and it's employees to summer camp..especially like summer drama camp! Sure, some people aren't going get along with anyone but for the most part, most of them get along with 75% of the rest of the employees. I really get a kick out a this prep chef, Heather. She's great and funny and so adorable, in a tomboyish sort of way! And the cooks are nice too altho they speak Spanish and you never REALLY know what they are saying...

So what have I been up to other than work you ask? Well...cleaned the hot tub on Sunday..Shopped on Saturday..(don't get all excited-it was just groceries!)...Out to lunch and dinner on Friday..(YES! I love to go out to eat!!)..hmmmm..Saturday is kind of a blank, come to think of it!..Oh, wait! Went out to dinner with our neighbors and another couple (friends) to celebrate the neighbors victory in his court case! My food wasn't great but the beer was!! It's a micro-brewery place so of course I had to try every beer! (6, if you're counting.) They were 5 oz. samples so I was fine..I especially liked the Cherry Chocolate Stout...mmmm!! The Raspberry Wheat wasn't bad, either!

Ok..I've babbled long enough. Gotta get some laundry done or the big one won't have clothes for work tomorrow.

See ya...Peace!

Friday, November 14, 2003

That's shoes ASAP!

Well... that's it. I have to return my work shoes (inapropriately called " I LOVE COMFORT") tomorrow. My feet hurt soooo badly that I cry when I get home! (Really...I am NOT kidding!) The bartender, Debbie, recommended "Easy Spirit" shoes for a cost of approx. $70.00!! Tonight we saw a waitress that we're friendly with and she said that Payless has a great pair of sneakers for about $18.00  that I should check into. Trust me, this decision will NOT be made lightly! After all...these are MY FEET! LOL!!!!

Work was cool today. Ok..not cool, but busy. I had a table of 16 at about 12:30pm for a repast luncheon. ( A "repast" is a meal served after a funeral. Fun, huh?!) Think about it..."Hi! Welcome to *****!! My name is Sharon..I'll be your server today! Can I start you off with some liqour that will only serve to remind you that so and so (the not-so dearly departed)) used to imbibe daily so as to render him a useless sot?" Yeah....pretty much sums up my day...Sigh..

Herman (husband) and I went "up the street" to have a couple of beers, a meal and an apertif this evening.  ( I somehow forgot to eat today....well, maybe "forgot" isn't the right word....perhaps "too busy!" is more appropriate a term..)OK...I am SOOOO tired and I really need to go upstairs and be a wife...altho I hear him and the 14 year old horsing around...ahhhh..I can change all that in a heartbeat! ;) LOL!! G'night!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Boy, do my feet HURT!!

Well...I've made it thru 4 days of work so far! LOL! Whoopee! It's been fairly slow, but that's not bad. I like getting adjusted slowly..The only major problem so far has been my feet. After standing on them for nearly 6 hours straight, I come home almost in tears. They don't stop hurting til I go to bed. So tonight I bought some Epsom salt and I'm hoping that it soothes my feet!

Took the 14 year old to therapist tonight. The therapist has decided to start her own practice and will not be accepting insurance. Pretty much stinks because the 14 year old really likes her. So it's gonna be difficult to replace her. There really is no way I can afford the $120.00 per session without insurance.

Have to cut this short so that I can let the soaking begin!! I'll let you know if it really works..G'night!

Monday, November 10, 2003

1st day on the job..

Well, started my job today after what proved to be a  long weekend. Friday we had training and food tasting. Saturday we had more training, organizing, stocking and (my favorite part!) more tasting! Sunday I had a baby shower to attend, a "soft-opening" at the restaurant (you get to invite a guest to enjoy a free dinner at the restaurant) AND had to meet my confirmation partner at Church. Whew!! Plus I had been watching my sister's dog while she was in Vermaont visiting our dad. This entailed driving the 15 minutes each way to her  house 3-4 times daily, sitting with the dog for a while and feeding her. Not too bad before I knew I'd be working, but I managed.

So, like the title of this entry, today was opening day. Tell you what, for the first time in my life I feel my age!  (42 years old) This is gonna take some getting used to!! LOL!! I only made $20 but I really didn't have all that many tables so that's cool. I'm sure the bucks will start pouring in soon! Truth be told, it's just nice to be working in such a nice atmosphere with a great management team and co-workers. I actually prefer to start off a bit slowly, get my bearings. The big one worked with me today. She made $50!! (That's 'cause she's half my age and had great tables!!)

I'm now trying to get some laundry done so that the poor children don't go to school naked. (Although I swear somedays the girls ARE naked! Please, I'm no prude but when I see the get-ups my girls wear, I wanna cry! And throw blankets over them!!) My next goal is to actuall get my children to pitch in around here. My husband does a majority of the housecleaning but I'm the only one who does laundry so we're screwed! Like I said, I have to get used to this and get into some sort of routine as far as housework....but give me a few weeks, won't you?!

That's about it for feet and legs hurt and I need to grab a nice cold one and jump into the hot tub!

Friday, November 7, 2003

Got a job!

Yay! I got a job! I wasn't really looking for a job but my husband has been telling me that I really need to get back to work. I've ALWAYS worked but in July I decided that I really needed a break for my own sanity. The 15 year old was acting up and I felt that I needed to be home, kind of "babysitting" my own children kind-of-thing. So anyway, the job...I took a waitressing position right in my own town at a brand new resaturant that will open Monday the 10th. It's kind of an upscale Bennigan's- Friday's place. I'm going to work lunches Monday thru Friday. The big one is also going to work there as a cocktail waitress and she'll also do 1 lunch during the week. I haven't waitressed in 12 years but, like riding a bike, you remember how to do it as soon as you get there! I really like the restaurant atmosphere and the cameraderie that you share with the other employees. I like the fact that we're all brand new employees so I won't feel like an outsider. Besides, it's a brand new place so we'll all learn together..No one has an advantage!

The paranormal investigators will be here tomorrow (Saturday) evening. There will be 5 investigators throughout the whole house. My husband tells me that he'll be in NY with our 14 year old daughter while they're here. Just doesn't want to get in their way. Haven't had a lot of "ghostly" activity lately. Halloween I saw a tall dark shadow in my side yard but when I turned my head to ook at it head on, it disappeared. When I came back home, my side gate was wide open. Now  I know that doesn't sound strange until I tell you that the man who owned the house (with his wife) before us died on that very corner of the property. the open gate? Well...we have a very large Alaskan malamute that plays in our yard. NO ONE goes in my yard because he's so intimidating looking! So I just found it strange...Could be nothing or could be the previous owner telling me that he's still around! He was a nice man, too. My kids used to play in this house with his grandchildren who where living with him at the time. We think that he's still around the house. The big one heard him talking to the dog once. "Kota, come here..It's ok. That's a boy!" Strange. One day I'll write down more about the strange things that have happened in this house. But for now, I really need to get to the store. Bye!

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Tuesday and all is well!

So it's Tuesday..Went to therapist (trust me, I NEED a therapist!) yesterday and she said that I should think about leaving my house by myself for a few weeks. Let the kids take some responsibility and stop taking me for granted. In theory, it sounds great. I could do it, no problem. But in reality, I don't have the money to do it. And I'm not so sure I could go without Herman for more than a few days.

A little background...I have 4 children: A 21 year old daughter recovering from a heroin addiction who also suffers from several different psychiatric disorders, a 15 year old daughter who suffers from depression, a 14 year old daughter who suffers from depression, and a 12 year old son who will someday be a rock star!

Sunday, November 2, 2003

Sunday night..

Good evening! I decided to add an entry because my husband is watching "The Hulk" movie and I found it to be incredibly BOR-ING!

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Herman (my husband) went to support his friends at a powerlifting meet in PA (about an hour away). I ran around, dropping kids off here and there, cleaning, know, the normal "mom" things!

We ate out quite a bit this weekend. I was happy to be able to have a nice quiet dinner with just Herman on Saturday night. Tonight we took 3 of our 4 children out to eat. The big one brought her girlfriend Dana with her. It was a nice meal...acknowledged the fact that the big one is doing so well in her quest for sobriety! She and Dana went to the Halloween parade in the Village this Friday night. They say that they had a good time! They slept at Dana's friend's house in Queens. They were back home just in time to go to Newark for an N.A. "social"...there they met up with some boy that they met while they were both in mental hospital. He is also a heroin addict (Dana is the only one who isn't!!).

We took the girls to Sears today. It all started out with my stating that we really needed new pots and pans because the Teflon was chipping on the old ones. Well- one thing led to the other and the girls got new wardrobes out of us! Actually, Herman profitted form this little excursion, too! He got some new clothes and shoes. Me, I got new pots and pans! LOL!! That's what I wanted!

So, this is the time that I say, g'night!