Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm such a bad blogger!

Hi all! ("All" there's anyone

Spent last Saturday night at Ft. Mifflin...freezing my ASS off! But the fun we had! Sue, Terry and I (Ali was supposed to go but had been sick prior..) spent last Saturday night at this amazing fort! The staff couldn't have been more gracious or accomodating. Hot and cold beverages ALL night and a full breakfast in the morning. We were so happy to see John Zaffis and Adam Christian Blai! What a surprise! (If you don't know who they are, google their names.) I have to go thru my evidence. Sue and Terry got some interesting stuff.

Sunday Sue and I were lucky enought to attend a Tourette Syndrome benefit in Westfield NJ. My boss's wife is a teacher in the same town that Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters is from. Dave Tango suffers from a mild case of Tourette's. His dad Bruce held a benefit dinner for the cause. Dave, Steve Gonsalves, Jason and Grant were all in attendance. So was the Amazing Kreskin and The Party Dolls! We had a great time but we were so tired that we left early. We had some really cool people at our table, tho. Hopefully we'll be interviewing some of them this week...they want to join the TSPR ranks!

Anyway...more later...


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Time flies....doesn't it?!

Yeah, I'm still here.

No news is good news..that sorta thing...

Herman and I celebrated our 20 year wedding anniversary in August by going to Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City for two

Everyone in my family is doing well...and doing the "right thing"..whew...much relief..

Spent this past weekend with my TSPR friends (Sue, Ali and Terry) at Univ-Con in State College, PA...Penn State..we had alot of fun! But I was tired...still am..

Work is ok...I was out for a couple of weeks..had my gallbladder surgically removed..

Then I hurt my shoulder/ gym for a few weeks...but I went back tonight!



Sunday, July 8, 2007

Damn!! July already?!

Sue, Ali, Joel and me

The beautiful Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co

Jason Hawes, Sue, me, Ali and Grant. Sue and Ali bid $$$ for this cool picture taken by Adam Christian Blai. Cool, huh?!

The 3 of us with John Zaffis, one of the nation's leading demonologists. What a great guy he is!

I can't believe how time flies!

The Stanley Hotel trip: March 29th thru April 1, 2007 What a great time we had! It was Ali's very first plane trip. (She's 60!) When she got off the plane, she exclaimed, "This is what I was worried about all these years?! It's scarier driving in a car!" So much happened in the 3 short days we spent there. We got to hang out with some pretty cool people and we even made a new friend, Joel. Joel is a paranormal researcher from Colorado. Hopefully he'll be able to meet us in KY next spring for our anticipated investigation of The Waverly Hills Sanitorium. One of the most interesting (and upsetting) presentations was given by Adam Christian Blai, an exorcist who is sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church. He really gave us (paranormal researchers) alot to think about. It was alot to digest. Many people left that presentation in tears, Ali and I included. We also went on the ghst hunt in The Stanley Hotel. What a great time we had! We investigated from 9pm until 2 in the morning! We were DEAD (pun intended!) tired. The food at The Stanley was fantastic! We ate like Queens! All in all we had a wonderful time and we hope to return in the future to do some more investigating.

Life in general: Becky graduated high school on June 21st, 2007...her 18th birthday! We had a big party for her that weekend. Her plans are to attend a local county college for a couple of years, so that she figure out what she'd like to do with her life.

My parent's are getting married next weekend, the 14th of July! There will be about 58 people at the wedding, which will be at one of our favorite restaurants. I'm thinking that I should prepare a toast of some sorts, huh? What doyou say at the wedding of your parents, who have been divorced for 30 years?! Anyone?

The kids have been pretty good. Jackie is visiting for the weekend. She hopes to head into a three quarter way house on Monday or Tuesday. She spent 5 months in a halfway house, where she did very well. Seems like she needs some sort of supervision in order to stay clean. So be it.

Well, that's all I have time for right now. Hope everyone is well (if anyone is reading this, that is!) and enjoy the pictures!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I'm alive and well


Just wanted to update and let everyone know that I'm still alive. I recently started a myspace site for myself and for TSPR. You can check them out at:

Things haven't been so great for us recently but we're hanging in there. I'll update once I get a clearer head.

Only 3 more weeks til Sue, Ali and I head to CO to The Stanley Hotel with the guys from TAPS, Patrick Burns, The Dave from Darkness Radio, John Zaffis....I CAN'T WAIT!!!


Monday, January 8, 2007

Yikes! Has it really been 2 months?! we go.

Life in general has been ok with some very upsetting exceptions. Without going into too much detail, Rachel has joined Jackie in using heroin. Rachel is currently in a rehab and will step down (maybe today) to a partial hospitalization program. She doesn't want to go, but it's an insurance issue and also a progression issue. We found out about her using heroin (snorting it) the day before New Years Eve. We spent that whole night (Saturday) watching her detox and then she finally got an appt at the rehab on Sunday, New Years Eve day. Herman and I spent NYE on the couch at home, by ourselves, in varying degrees of shock/anger/sadness. New Years day we spent on the couch with John adn Becky, curled up watching movies and sheltering ourselves from the world. We didn't answer the phone for a few days. That same Saturday, earlier in the day before Rachel's admittance to using, we found Jackie on the upstairs bathroom floor, half dead. She was supposed to have been getting on a flight to Phoenix to go back to the half way house program that she had attended last year. Hermn picked her up off the floor and threw her into my truck. I took her to the local ER, where they admittted her into the ICU for a few days. Apparently she had been using (with Rachel) the entire week that she had been staying with us. She started to detox and because she is a diabetic, once she started was all over. She's out of the hospital now and staying with my mother until she can legally travel to AZ. (Court issues that I really don't know too much about other than the fact that if she goes to AZ without first going to court, she'll be thrown in jail should she ever come back to NJ.) We also received very sad news this past Saturday. A year or so ago I wrote about my friend's son (Anthony) who had osteosarcoma. This past Friday night Anthony passed away at the age of 16. He fought a brave and valiant fight.

OK...enough "debbie Downer" crap.

Me, Sue and Ali are headed to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO on March 29th! We are going on a paranormal retreat with the guys from TAPS, John Zaffis and Darkness Radio. You can go here to see the details. We're sooooo excited about this trip! Ali has never ever flown before so it will be that much more exciting!!

This past Saturday Herman and I were able to enjoy the Tiki Bar in Point Pleasant due to unusually warm weather we've had here in the northeast. It was 73 freakin' degrees out!! We sat on the pier overlooking the Atlantic sipping a Corona! Jan 6 and we were sitting at the Tiki Bar enjoying a beer! It was kind of surreal, tho.

Ok...I have at least 20 loads of laundry to do and meatballs to make and sauce to cook...better get going.

Peace...and Happy (belated) New Year!