Monday, March 8, 2004

The "I Stole My Sister's Best Friend" Story..

Ok..This is the story where I will tell you about how my sister believes that I "stole" her best friend, Dar. (You know who you are,LOL!)

My sister and Dar worked at Kid's R Us together for a few years. I met Dar on several occasions but we just exchanged pleasantries, you.."Hi. How are you? How are this kids" sort of thing.

Well, my sister told Dar that she could call on my 2 daughters, Ray and Boo, to babysit on occasion for her 2 young boys. First Ray took the job. This job afforded Ray a trip to Disney World, because Dar's husband was unable to make it and Dar decided that she'd leave her youngest son (who was maybe 1 year old at the time) with my sister and take her older son (about 3-4 at the time), Ray and herself to D'World. They had a great time.

Well, over the course of time, I would stay for a cup of tea whilst picking up Ray or Boo from her house after a babysitting gig. We'd joke around and found out that we really "clicked"...she thinks I'm crazy, I think she's a control-freak...You know the old story about how opposites attract.

One day, she invited my family for a seafood dinner. Well, she invited us and not my sister because she thought my sister was at a shower. A little while into this dinner, I asked her if she had invited my sister. She told me that she knew that my sister was at a bridal shower so she wasn't around. Now I feel badly because I had just returned from SAME shower. We all kind of said, "oops! DAMN!" and decided that we wouldn't mention it so as not to hurt her feelings. Of course, my son says to my sister "Oh! We just had lobster at Aunt Dar's!" the very next time he see my sister!! So my sister is pissed at the both of us and thinks that we are excluding her. Quite to the contrary...Had Dar realized that my sister was around she would have invited her! So...

Several months later, Dar's son decides that drinking the family sized bottle of Dimetap sounds like a fun evening! She calls me and cryptically asks, "Do you have ipecac in your house?" When I answer "no" she hangs up. Well...I know that ipecac is used to treat poisonous overdoses so I rush to her house, which was literally 1/2 mile away. (My sister lives at least 5 miles from Dar.) I get there to find out that her 2 year old son has downed a bottle of Dimetap and now it's too late to induce vomitting. Great. Dar's husband is going to sleep soon (he works from 11pm til 6am delivering bread in NYC) so he tells me to go with Dar- he'll watch the 4 year old and get him to bed. Dar and I take off to the hospital where we convince the 2 year old to drink charcoal by acting like total idiots!! Dancing around. "forbidding" him to drink this wonnnnnderfulllll drink that turns your mouth black!! The attending physician was in total awe of our "act"!! But, he drank it. So it was getting near the time when Dar's husband had to leave for his bread route so I had Herman pick me up at the hospital and bring me to Dar's to watch her 4 year old.

I get a phone call from Boo stating that she had mentioned to my sister that no, I was not home...I was at the hospital with Dar and her 2 year old!! So I call my sister to tell her what had transpired during that evening and she says to me (and I'll never forget this) , "'s a good thing that Dar has such a good friend..Glad he's ok.." CLICK. She hung up on me!!

Anyway..turns out that Dar and I are much better friends than she and my sister ever were..But to this day I feel badly that my sister thinks that I "stole" Dar from her...Dar wasn't "stealable"...she was only looking for a good friend.

Well...Dar and I are the best of friends. She moved to FL a couple of years ago but we keep in touch. Boo has been down there 2 summers in a row, helping Dar out with the boys and such. She has such a great time down there! (We've let her go for a month at a time for 2 summers!) This past summer I surprised Dar by showing up at her house 5 days before she was to put Boo on a plane back home. We had a BLAST! What a water gun fight we had with her boys!!I made Dar cry when I showed up! (This girl NEVER cries!!)

Anyway...thanks for allowing me to share this story about one of the "bestest friends" I've ever had...and I did not steal her. She wasn't up for stealing. We just wound up this way.

Thanks Dar! ( Is this how you remember it?!)


tmmiles4 said...

need to finish in another entry

drgnflyjwls said...

I loved this story. Thank you for sharing it.


sxysweetart said...

Thats a nice story Sharon. I hope your sister isn't still mad at you!