Thursday, March 11, 2004

Crazy week..

Well, I've almost made it thru this crazy week! I had my Deacon's meeting on Tuesday and that went well. We are in the planning stages of our annual Deacon's barbeque- we sell barbeque chicken dinners as a fundraiser. We usually sell about 200! (It really is a pain in the ass, tho..takes up all weekend and is exhausting.)

Spoke to Dar last was good to vent to her! I really DO need to get down there (sans children) for a little "girls weekend"! Oh, and yes, my sister is OK with me but she never talks to Dar, which is a shame...they used to be best friends. In the words of Rodney King, " We can't we all just get along?!" I can't even MENTION Dar's name because she gets an attitude. Basically, that how I sum up my big attitude. I love her, but she's not easy to get along with. We're 2 very different people. ( God, I sure hope she doesn't figure out how to use her computer any time soon! LOL!!)

Work has been VERY busy, which is good. Beeen making decent money, enough to make it worthwhile, at least! We hired a new waitress for lunch today. My sister used to work with her and claims that she is really very good and alot of fun to work with. Can't wait!

Broke the temple to my eyeglasses...unrepairable, of course. So off the the Eye Dr to get new glasses..They should be in by Monday, I HOPE. Right now my kids say that I look like Harry Potter, what with the tape holding my glasses together!!

Spoke to Little Sharon great to talk to her, too! She's having issues with her boyfriend and an old girlfriend of his. I just sat and listened, offering whatever little advice I had. Nothing major, he's just being played by an old girlfriend and Sharon HATES this girl.

These are my little dramas.....Peace!

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drgnflyjwls said...

Ahhh..but the dramas are what make life so interesting.

One of my sister's is hard to get along with. We see things very differently. What makes it all the harder is that she is viewed as the "good" child and I'm considered the "black sheep" of the family.

"( God, I sure hope she doesn't figure out how to use her computer any time soon! LOL!!)"

This made me laugh! I don't need to worry about this. Thank goodness. My sis doesn't even own a television set! ;) LOL