Saturday, March 20, 2004

I've been SICK!

No...I haven't died, altho early Thursday morning I THOUGHT I was going to! Woke up at 2am early Thursday morning with the WORST stomach virus I have ever had. I'm still not right. Have only eaten 2 baked potatoes, soup and crackers in the past 48 hours. (More or less, anyway..Oh, yeah..I ate a pickle in hopes that it would miraculously cure me! LOL!) Sure fire way to lose weight I suppose!

Spoke to Dar today. She's not doing too well. She has MAJOR problems with her back and neck. She's in incredible pain and has to deal with 3 boys, her husband included! LOL!! The one doctor wants her to see a spinal surgeon but she's not real happy with that. She'll be out of work for awhile, I'm sure.

Herman is in Philadelphia for the weekend. He was asked to judge a powerlifting meet. His friend Wayne went with him. Wayne will be a "spotter" for the meet. (A spotter stands either alongside or in back of a lifter and grabs the weight should the lifter have to dump it. Spotters have saved many a lifter severe injury.)

Got my new glasses on Wednesday. Can't get used to them. They're a bit smaller than my old ones so I keep catching the frame in my field of vision. I guess I have to be patient and give 'em a bit of time.

I'm headed back to bed, where I have spent the majority of these past 3 days. Please..let me feel better tomorrow and let me get my appetite back! (Do you know how odd it is to walk into a food store and not have ANYTHING appeal to you?!) No Church for this girl again. I feel badly but there's just no way my achin' belly is going to allow it.

G'night and peace...


drgnflyjwls said...

I hope you're feeling 100% again soon Sharon. Aren't tummy viruses a b@$#*! Hope it doesn't "make the rounds" at your house.:(


donah42 said...

I was beginning to worry! Hope you feel better soon! At least you have your giant tv to console you!

sxysweetart said...

Seems to be alot of that stomach virus going around in J-land. That funny about eating pickles for a cure! LOL Hope you get to feeling better soon...~lila~