Thursday, March 4, 2004


Let me first start off by saying that altho I haven't posted in awhile, I've been reading everyone's journals. Been having a bad week. Monday night I totally lost it ..and I mean TOTALLY lost it. Scared my husband to the point that he was ready to take me to the hospital. Not going to share the details but it was bad. Then, same night, as Herman was explaining something to me, he accidently poked me in the eye and gave me a black eye! (We were laying in the darkness of our bedroom and when I turned towards him I also turned closer to his pointing finger..Damn! That hurt alot!! LOL!) So to top it all off I now have to work with a badly camouflaged black eye! And I have to deal with people who think that he really punched me in the eye and that I'm an abused wife! LOL!! So when they ask what happened, I ask them, "Wanna hear the juicy story or the truth?".

Last night The Big One woke us up at 2am to tell us that she needed to go to the hospital. She has been "sick" with upset stomach and migraine-like headache since Tuesday and she began throwing up last night. Well, since she has juvenile diabetes, whenever she throws up it means a trip to the hospital. As she is throwing her guts up at 2am, Herman asks her if she has done something that she shouldn't have. Yes, she tells him..she did a bag of heroin. I just about jumped out of bed and killed her. This is so upsetting because she had 6 months clean. SHe had her girlfriend pick her up and bring her to the hospital.

This morning I went into her room to see if I could find anything. And I did. 4 empty bags that once held heroin. And $160 in cash. Hmmm...where did she get that money? She's not really working yet..just training at Macaroni Grill and she hasn't been there since Sunday. Now the mystery is where the hell did she get that much money? Unfortunately, having been thru this mannnnny times before, we now have to check all our check books, credit cards, etc..So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But we will find out...oh yes we will.

We'll be taking the car keys and the cell phone away as soon as she gets home from the hospital. Oh..reason why she did this?? "My friends all want me to use heroin again.." Some "friends", huh?

Let's see if I can hold it all together today....


whsprdphsh said...

I wish I could bottle up strength and send it through my telephone line. That's a HUGE thing to deal with, I can't even imagine. I'm still young enough to remember what drugs were like when I was in highschool, but I'm a parent now too, and I have no idea how I would handle facing that situation. My thoghts and prayers are with you. Use these times to draw closer to your husband; don't let them pull you apart. You've got the heart of a lion and I know you WILL get through this and pull it together. My heart goes out to your daughter. I'm here for any of you to talk to; email, IM, I'll give out my number if you really need to hear a voice.
I wish you well

drgnflyjwls said...

Oh Sharon! Again?!? Six months clean....down the tubes for "friends". Yeah! Some friends!

I feel so for you. The anger and worry...I know you must be in utter turmoil right now.
I hope you have the much needed support you should. I'm always here to talk if you want.

A few years ago(seems like ages now) I had to work with a broken nose. Boy! Did I get the stares and questions. What made it all the worse for me was my ex DID do it purposely.
:( Can't believe I tried to stick it out w/him for 5 more yrs. after that. We make stupid, crazy decisions when we're young, huh?


sxysweetart said...

Sharon, I'm so sorry you have to go through this with your daughter. So long to be clean, and than to blow it because of selfish people who call themsleves her friends. It would be all I could do to not track these "friends" of hers down, and doing some a$$ kickin! I hope your daughter can someday, somehow find the will power within herself to quit for good. I am sure it's a very long hard road, for her and your whole family. Hope your poor eye heals soon, ouch! My thoughts and prayers are with you Sharon. ~lila~

donah42 said...

Wow---that all sucks! Good luck holding it all together---I think you just might be my hero!

mdkjic said...

sooo sorry to hear about the problems you are having with The Big One. I wish I could offer something other then a heartfelt sooo sorry.

hillareeday said...

Wow! I am sorry to hear about The Big One's problem. (I am assuming this is a daughter? I haven't read back far enough to find out.) Sounds like she needs to shop around for some new friends. I hope your eye is feeling better!