Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Just another day...

Worked..not very busy. Tomorrow will be, tho. It's buy 2 lunches get the third for free. Always busy on Wednesday.

Dar called me this morning, wanting to know when I'm sending Boo down to her. Told her maybe mid-July. And I'm going with her, at least for a few days!! Yippee! Then she mentions that she may go on a cruise for her 40th birthday and says that it may be a girls only trip!! YIPPEE! I'm SO there!! Let's see...a trip to see Dar, a trip with my father and sister to CA and then the cruise with Dar...I'm willing to bet that this is NOT GONNA fly with Herman..I guess I'll just have to win him over with my winning smile!! Begging and the promise of sexual favors might help, too... :::snort::: Whatever it takes...LOL!!

Have therapy today..but I really don't have much to tell her. Kids are behaving lately. I'm having my son tested for ADD because he ABSOLUTELY cannot concentrate or pay attention and his grades are pretty bad. He alwasy wants to move on to the next thing, and after he's there, he wants to know what's next/ Can't ever stay in the moment. And as far as paying attention, he doesn't. He glances at instructions without ever reading them all the way and then thinks he can do whatever it is...This, I feel, is a "guy thing"...I know that Herman rarely reads instructions...makes me crazy!! Then, when his project is done, he questions why the shelves are crooked and the cabinet is slanted to the right and the knobs are upside down...READ THE DAMN INSTRUCTIONS!!

I've managed to catch up with my laundry but I'm sure that the girls have a ton of laundry waiting for me in the wings...And, again, please don't suggest I make them do it. I'll only wind up having to buy them new clothes to replace the ones that they will surely have ripped/faded/bleached/shrunk/stained..ok??Not to mention the fact that they will probably put too much detergent in the washer and it will run all over my basement..Oh, no...That is not gonna happen! Besides, I'm totally anal about laundry..I'm sure that I've mentioned this before. Maybe I'll just make them fold their laundry...yeah, baby steps! I like that idea..

Hmm..I should go upstairs and think about what I'm going to talk to the therapist about..I need to review the last 2 weeks..Ohhhh..I'll look back on my entries!! That should refresh my memory!!

OK Dar?? I've updated myjournal...and it's boring!! LOL!!


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drgnflyjwls said...

Not boring to me!!

"This, I feel, is a "guy thing"...I know that Herman rarely reads instructions...makes me crazy!!"

I think you may be right about that! I've thought the same many times. Dh shows how big his ego is everytime he attempts to put something together w/o following the instructions! LOL

I sure hope you get to take all your many deserved trips with family & friends. It so helps a busy Mom to return rested & ready to delve back into the mtns. of laundry that will surely be waiting. ;)