Monday, March 8, 2004

Mystic River

Since several of you have asked (Amy and Julie!!), here is my review of Mystic River.

The movie had a great story line. The actors were great, Sean Penn and Tim Robbins in particular. The story leads you one way in the most obvious of ways but, like most movies, there is a twist at the end. Only problem is, Herman and I still can't figure out the reason behind why the real killer did it. Cinematically, it was very dark and gritty, which totally fit in with the feel of the movie. Parts of this movie were disturbing but they were necessary to the plot. Laura Linney was wonderful also, in a part that is contrary to most parts she has played before. Kevin Bacon, welll...he was in a Kevin Bacon type of roll..good, but not like Sean Penn or Tim Robbin's performances. Parts of his story line were unclear but nothing that makes you question the plot. His role didn't really mesh with the rest of the story.

All in all, an excellent movie. Not one my all time favorites but up there. Worth watching.

Ok..on to my day. Both Ray and Boo were home from school today. Ray complained of sore throat and other miscellaneous ailments while Boo had a urinary tract infection. So off to the covering pediatrician to get medicine for her. Ray and The big One were giving me grief allllll day today, accusing me of never feeding them. Sorry, but there's food in the house and too damn bad if you don't like it. Life is not one big McDonalds's/Wendy's/Taco Bell/ (fill in the name of any other fast food restaurant here)food run. So I made a roast chicken dinner this evening...whole chicken, baked potatoes, baby peas, stuffing and gravy. Herman's still cleaning up after it..I suppose I should go and help him out..

Yay!! Real World/Road Rules "The Inferno" is on tonight..hey! A girl's gotta have her guilty pleasures!! LOL!!

Peace! (I hope you liked my review..I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for the opportunity!)


NOTE TO DEBI: I tried to email you but your account won't accept email from me. Let me know if you change the mail controls..I'll send you the email then!


sxysweetart said...

I have been wanting to Mystic River, but hadn't heard much about it. I just may have to rent it this weekend. I hear the same crap around here about whats on the menu. I'm not cooking two seperate meals, either eat what I make or go without damit! LOL Thankfully it's just me and the boy, but he's gotten to the age where he's hungry all the time! ~lila~

drgnflyjwls said...

Great review. I was on the fence as to see it or not. I think I will now.

Dinner sounds yummy!! We had a venison roast I stuffed w/garlic, peas, potatoes & gravy and barley. Uh Oh! It's 8:30 in the morning & I've gone and made myself hungry!! Doesn't look good for "the diet" today. :)

Ahhh...I have a couple of bottomless pits as well. Fortunately, they will eat just about anything that's not moving! LOL