Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pet Peeves


1. Children who throw perfectly clean towels on the bathroom floor (see: NOT SO CLEAN)  after drying their face. That's it..clean towel, cleaner face. Now dirty towel. Oh...LAST CLEAN towel. ::sigh:: So now I wait for the towels to be done washing so that I may dry this late hour.

2. People who do not use the space in the dishwasher efficiently (Cheryl, Mom and Dar...PAY ATTENTION!) Yes, I have been known to go thru people's dishwashers and rearrange the way they loaded it. It's a sickeness, I know..but they have yet to find a cure. Send donations to "ODL (obsessive dishwasher loaders) C/O"  Please help us find a cure.

3. Fold the towels in 3rds, dammit!! They look SOOO sloppy when you fold them in 1/2!! Ugghhhh...

4. If I smile at you,, PLEASE! Smile back at me.

5. If you wear it, turn it right side out when you throw it into the laundry. Please?!

6.When I bag my own groceries, please say, "Thank you for bagging!" or next time I will not give you that opportunity.

7. We have a dishwasher. Could you please learn how to properly install dirty dishes into it? All of them? Oh..plastic drink cups don't count. We own a "garbage can" for those. Please refer to users manual for instructions.

'Nuff said.


ggal3133 said...

Amen! Excellent list :)

tmmiles4 said...

1) Are we PMSing or what?

2) I'm with ya sista!

3) Come on down and I'll be more than happy to be re-trained on proper dishwasher loading!

4) Did I tell you it's 75 and sunny here??

5) Did you know that they bag your stuff for you here and take it to your car, load it, SMILE and say have a nice day and will NEVER ever except a tip?

6) Do clothes not clean as well inside out as right side out? Here's a hint....wash it as you get it and fold it as it comes out of dryer and they can put it right side out...I'd suggest that you have them do there own wash but I KNOW how you are about your TWO best friends....

7) I'm definetley with you on the THIRDS!

8) I MISS you.....come down and visit me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! I need a good water fight!

9) Just one more thing......let the children DRIP DRY just once and maybe just maybe they will be more responsible with the towels!