Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catch-up time

Yeah...I know. I suck at posting . Oh well.

I was sick this week. I ran out of medication that helps keep me hydrated, keeps up my blood volume and most importantly, keeps my blood pressure up. (I have Addison's Disease, which mean I take medications to keep my blood pressure up...otherwise, I fall down! LOL!) I got my primary dr to write the prescription so I've been back on it for 3 days now. (I hadn't taken it in over a week, I think.) So, I can't go to the gym for a bit. I've been making good progress there, though! I've lost 1 size, no weight...but muscle weighs more than fat so I did lose body fat. YAY!!!!

The Jackie situation is the same. Rachel got into it with my mother a week ago. My mother is playing the martyr part right now, "saving" Jackie. Unfortunately, in this case, Jackie needs to save herself. She pretty much told Rachel that Jackie is the victim, that we told her at 9pm on  a Sunday night that she had to get out of the house. Except that Jackie had well over 2 weeks notice. We told her that we would send her back to AZ but she refused. So, out she went. I really cannot live like that again. I get very resentful when I see my 24 year old daughter laying around stoned on my couch, not lifting a finger to help out around the house and not working AT ALL. I will NOT enable this child any longer. She's had more chances than I care to mention. Enough already.

John is up in VT at my dad's house. My sister took him up there on Monday. He'll be back tomorrow. I'm sure that he's bored to tears. I'[d love to head up there sometime this summer. Not likely tho. I have to take day trips. Becky is going to Dar's in a week or so. She'll spend a week with them. She's a big help to Dar while she's there. Becky's been babysitting Keith's (my boss) kids this summer....and making BIG bucks doing it! I think she makes more than I do now!! LOL!

This Friday night we're (TSPR) is doing a cemetery investigation in rural NY. We're joining another group so it should be fun! It's a haul, probably over 2 hours, to get there so I'll be exhausted on Saturday morning. I have to be up by 8am on Saturday to accompany Herman to a powerlifting meet he'll be judgine. Our friend Wayne is going for a 750 pound sqaut at this event so I'll be there to help support him.

We had a great 4th of July party...on July 1st! Lots of food, great friends...plenty of alcohol. Some had TOO much alcohol. No one got out of control...they never do.

Our neighbors had a fire in their attic on Monday night. Very scary for them. He's a retired police sargeant so every cop on duty showed up. We live in a small town (2.3 sq. miles pop. 13000) so anything that happens is an event. We helped as best we could, running out for diapers for his grand daughter. I held his 1 daughter for a good 15 minutes. She was the one who discovered the fire, while giving her 2 year old a bath. She was completely distraught. She finally calmed down when she realized that the fire hadn't spread much beyond the one small part of the attic. Apparently the attic fan either over heated or had crossed electrial wires. Thankfully they're all ok.

Well...that's it for now. I'llpost pictures next time around...say in a month or so! LOL! Nah, I'll try to post a bit more. Just been so damn busy.