Thursday, March 25, 2004

Feelin' blue

Couldn't tell you why, but I'm down this evening. Really sad. "Ray" came to hug and kiss me to make me feel better but she knocked my NEW glasses into my face and BENT them! :::HORRORS::: Now they're all crooked and I can't see straight again. I feel bad because I can't explain why I feel so badly. Maybe I DO need that trip to FL to see Dar? Well...ok..that's a given! (If not just to go and load her dishwasher properly!!)

Have spoken to Gordy the past couple of nights. He has befriended Angel and they have a great chemistry. He really cares about her and how she is doing. I find that SOOO refreshing, in a way. Two PERFECT strangers who reach out to each other for support. They're both benefiting from this relationship...I think it's wonderful! Think of all the good, all the support we offer each other. Why, just recently Kara wasn't feeling well and all her readers begged her to see a doctor. Turns out that she has bronchitis. Now chances are that she PROBABLY would've (in her own time) seen a doctor on her own accord, but just knowing that there were people out there who TRULY cared about her health made all the difference in the world to her! Just knowing that "strangers" were worried about her prompted her to seek medical advice. And she's grateful to her readers.

Me? Lately I'm grateful that I can get outta bed! Bought a new tie for M&M tie, of all things! Very bright, eye-catching..JUST LIKE ME! LOL!! I really like work. It's physical and I get to interact with lots of people thru out my shift. And the staff is great, too. That's what makes it easier to get up in the morning. Not really like going to work...more like going to get some exercise with some friends...and getting paid to do it! LOL..yeah, that's it!!

Well...I gotta go and hit the ol' proverbial hay...Been tired..maybe that's why I'm so blue..Can't be PMS, KNOW that I had "my womanhood" ripped from me a year and half ago, you nut! ROTFLMAO!!! :::snort::::

G'night....and peace.


sxysweetart said...

Oh Sharon I can relate about the glasses. I wear them and all the time they get out of kilter! But it's usually me that does it. Dang me and my bad eyes anyways! LOL I have contacts, but don't wear them anymore. Aint it neat that all us jouralers are worried about one another? I've been praying for Kara to feel better, and I know she will. You better get to feeling better too, or do I have to make a trip to NYC? LOL I wish!! ~lila~

tmmiles4 said...

Load the dishwasher, teach me anatomy, we can even snort together...oh crap! that didn't sound good especially (?) since I live in FLORIDA! But we all know what I mean......LOL snort! MISS YA AND LOVE YA!!!

ps. cheer up soon you'll be unloading one of those youngsters on me!