Thursday, April 1, 2004

Oh Happy, Happy Thursday!!

Everyone in my house is eating dinner but since they are having spaghetti, I will not be joining them! (Spaghetti was the last food I ate before the horrible stomach virus kicked in..put it  together!!) I cannot even LOOK at it! So instead I just typed up a list of dressings and beers that we have at the restaurant. I'll hand it to all the servers so that we don't have to keep bothering the bartender.

Work was crazy today! We had a party of 42 in the banquet room, a party of 12 in one section and a parties of 9 and 6 in yet another section. But really that was it...mostly parties. And thankfully so! \

I'm looking forward to this weekend altho I will be setting my clocks an hour ahead of Friday night rather than Saturday night. Why, you ask? Well...I'd rather make the "adjustment" on a day that I can sleep rather than on Sunday, when I have to serve communion and help out at a local nursing home. So i'll be "adjusting" on Saturday, thank you very much!! Will it work? Ummm..probably not but it's worth a shot, dontcha think?

Herman and I have to go sign our tax return tonight..yippee! Getting oodles of money back because I (technically) didn't work from mid-January til early November. ( I worked but "off the books"..and only for a bit.) Then I'm off to Target (tar-jay) to buy some new work pants and some other necessities...ok, "granny panties"!! LOL!! There, I've said it..I wear GRANNY PANTIES!! Hey, they're comfortable! I cannot wear "butt floss"...besides, I don't think I have that kinda ass anyway..Ok..I'll stop now..or soon I'll be admitting that I sleep naked..Oooopppss! Damn..I gotta watch that...I'll stop scaring everyone now..

I've been trying to add my picture to the "about me" section and I THOUGHT I had it but the picture took up the better part of the page so I'm gonna work on that. So in the meantime I've added a picture to this entry..It's from Christmas. I'll take another one soon and try to add it to the "about me" department. Oh, that and I'll have to change my age because I will be 43 2 weeks from today!! My birthday is April 15th-Income Tax Day! Woo-hooo!! I already told my mom that I would like a spa gift certificate..I really need a pedicure!

Next Wednesday, April 7, me, Little Sharon, The Big One and Jessica (my favorite bartender) are going to the city to be in "The View" audience!! I'll have to go and buy a new outfit for this major event because they specifically ask you to dress in bright colors. I'm a beige-kinda girl..and pastels..Love those pastels! My biggest fear is that they will be doing makeovers and they choose me!! I'd pee from laughing so hard! My girls would be THRILLED, though. They keep telling me that I look like I'm straight outta the 70's. I see nothing wrong with that. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. The only thing I wouldn't let them do is cut my hair. I love my hair and so does Herman. Oh, no coloring of the hair either..I like the color, too. Ok..I've gone too far with this...

So, I'm off to the tax people and Target..everyone have a great night! Peace!



sxysweetart said...

Very nice picture Sharon, that would look good in your about me section. How exciting to go to the View. Be sure to find out when it airs on TV, so I can tune in that day. Is it a live show? Sounds like alot of fun! I almost forgot this weekend was the one to spring forward with the clocks, thanks for the reminder. ~lila~

ggal3133 said...

Good picture! I'll have to look for you on The View, thats exciting! Have fun :)

drgnflyjwls said...

I think that's a great pic of you Sharon.

I miss my natural hair color. I started going gray at 22!! I was able to hide it until 30 when I really started to resemble the bride of Frankenstien. LOL There was no alternative, had to color. I'm happy w/it but it's never been the same.

Let us know when you'll be on The View. I'd love to tune in & see you. Even better if they chose you for a makeover (not that I can see that you need one). You look maahhvelous!

Got sick on cucumbers once. I've not been able to eat them since. Even their smell makes me queasy.


dymphna103 said...

You are attractive. If I ever make it there I wil be a patron john

donah42 said...

On the contrary, that's an awesome pic!!!

tmmiles4 said...

Hey 'bout a and rachel??? LOL!  don't you think it's time for an UPDATE?????