Monday, March 22, 2004

Ta-Da! 100 Things About ME!

Once I started thinking about this list, I just couldn't wait to do it!

1. I'm 42 years old (ok..I'm starting out slowly!)

2. I'm the oldest of 3

3. I have a sister, Cheryl-41

4. And a brother , Don-40

5.I'm close to my sister

6.But not to my brother

7.My sister was born the day before my first birthday!

8.My birthday is Income Tax Day! LOL!

9. I have moved some 22-23 times in my short life

10.When I was a child we moved to San Diego for 4 1/2 months

11. But we moved back because we missed the rest of our family

12. My grandpa cried the day we moved.

13. We drove there

14. And broke down in the desert outside of Carlsbad, NM

15. There was a munitions factory down the road from where we broke down

16. Some rednecks came to help us but my dad had gone down the road to get help already..

17. We were SCARED of these mom honked the horn to get my dad's attention

18.The longest amount of time I've spent in one place is 10 years..

19. It was in my last house, but in the same town I'm in now..

20. We moved 5 blocks from our old house!

21.I was married once before

22. Sometimes I forget that!!

23.I'll be married 17 years in August

24.I ABSOLUTELY adore my husband!

25.I think he's very handsome, smart and funny

26. I crack myself up on a regular basis

27. I snort when I laugh really, really hard

28. I laugh alot

29. I like to cry..sometimes it helps

30. My best friend hates to cry (Dar!)

31. But I made her cry when I showed up at her house by surprise!

32. I went to theatre camp at Hampton Playhouse in Hampton, NH

33. I learned that I can't act

34. But I sure can work a spotlight!

35. I got drunk for the first time while I was there

36. And had to fly home with a hangover from hell

37. And with my mother and grandfather, too!

38. I fall in love easily

39. I love my eyes and my hair

40. They're the same color...Hazel!! LOL, no hair is hazel-colored!!

41. I hate my butt, tho..

42. I got married and had a child in less than one year

43. I got pregnant on my (first) honeymoon.

44. I was sick the entire time on my second honeymoon

45. What did I learn from this? NEVVER FLY WITH A SINUS INFECTION!

46. I was deaf in one ear for a Cancun

47. I'm enjoying this!!

48. My oldest and youngest child are 9 years apart.

49. I have 3 daughters

50. And one son

51. I named him the English version of my husband's Dutch name, Johannes...

52. My husband's full name is Johannes Herman Nico (last name)

53. We he came thru immigration they changed it to Herman John (last name)

54. We NEVER call him Herman Munster!

55. Have I mentioned that I love my husband?

56. I used to be a shy bookworm.

57. I'm not anymore!

58.I like to think of myself as kind of a hippie

59. I still have long hair

60. ANd bangs

61. Everyone wants me to grow my bangs out

62. I think I have a large forehead

63. And there's a sign on it

64. That says "YOUR AD HERE 555-1234"

65. I think that's funny!

66.One of my daughters used to wrestle

67. She was so good that one team was not allowed to wrestle her

68. Because they were afraid of the boys fragile egos.

69.My favorite saying is "Be careful of what you wish just may come true!"

70.I still don't understand how planes fly.

71. Speaking of planes, I hate flying

72. But I'll do it 'cause it gets me places

73.My favorite place for vacation is Atlantis in the Bahamas

74. We spent 5 nights there last summer.

75. I'd live there if I became rich!

76.My favorite beer for special occasions is Boddington's

77. My favorite everyday beer is MGD lite

78.My favorite mixed drink is vodka and tonic

79.My favorite color is yellow

80.I love all music except most country

81. I love the opera

82. And the ballet

83.My dad introduced me to it.

84. When I was a teen my mom worked for Eastern Airline

85. We used to fly for $15!!

86. I still don't know what I wanna be when (IF) I grow up

87. I used to want to be a nurse

88. I met my husband while I was working for FedEx

89.I quit FedEx shortly after we got married to take care of my growing family.

90.I've always worked

91.I've babysat, done data entry, worked for a HVAC guy in the office

92. Currently I'm waiting tables and I like it!

93. I'm a real people person

94. And a team player

95. My husband hates that I keep a journal online

96.He doesn't like that I give out personal info.

97. Sometimes he just doesn't understand me...and that's OK

98. I am a Christian

99.I love my family

100.And I love God

and 1 more..

101. I love my AOL journaling friends and I enjoy reading all their journals!


::::snort::::: Peace!


drgnflyjwls said...

LOL! Snort, snort! LOL My oldest sister snorts and when I read that you do, all I could hear was her big snort! It makes us laugh all the harder.

I'm glad you share w/us. Great entry!


grodygeek said...

See, it was easier than it sounds.

sxysweetart said...

Nice to know you better Sharon! I did my list yesterday, thought I would never come up with 100 things, but now I could add more that I didn't put on it. My mom used to snort when she laughed, it was funny! ~lila~