Friday, December 26, 2003

Not such a quiet Christmas after all!

Well, I THOUGHT it would be quite here but not so! Apparently my sister decided at the last morning (read: Christmas Day around noon!) that she was NOT having Christmas dinner at her house and instead, "What time should mom, dad and I be over for dinner?" LOL!! She was originally going to have dinner at her house for my mom, dad and her in-laws but because her in-laws said that they would not be showing up (much to her delight, I might add!!), she changed her plans...which was just fine. Instead of 8 for dinner, we had biggie.

Our eclectic menu included: Ham, barbequed ribs, grilled steak, green bean casserole (c'mon... you neeed to have this oldie at Christmas!), mashed potatoes, shrimp scampi over name it, my husband grilled it! We had a good time! Busy, but nice! 3 pies, a cheesecake and a box of cream puffs later, my family left. I have soooo many leftovers, I can feed my own family for the next 2 days!

My husband took 2 of our daughters to the mall this morning. I thought I'd surprise him and make some scrambled eggs with ham and fried mashed potatoes for breakfast. Well, of course, because I NEVER make breakfast, he stopped while he was out and picked up fried eggs sandwiches for all!! LOL! Fortunately my in-laws are still here so everything got eaten!

Need to get some laundry done...the girls have been hording their dirty clothes and I am now facing at least 20 loads of laundry! YIKES! Luckily for me, I actually enjoy it...very relaxing..Crazy, right?

See ya!

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Quick Christmas update..

Apparently while we (my husband, 2 of our daughters, and myself) were at Church, the remaining daughter was in the hot tub and saw a small child run down the hallway. (You can see into the house via sliding glass door onto hot tub deck.) My son was in the family room so she knew it wasn't him.

Then, very early this morning, my oldest daughter and my son heard someone strumming my son's guitar! (They sleep in the same room because A) my oldest daughter doesn't like her room in the basement AND B) my son is afraid to sleep alone.) My daughter thought my son was doing it until he said, " Sister' name, are you doing that?!" SHe opened her eyes to see a very large orb fly past her and he saw something white fly by him!

They told us this morning when they woke up to unwrap their gifts. I explained that the ghosts were probably excited children, waiting for Christmas Day, also. Sounds right, doesn't it?

The youngest daughter felt badly for them. Feels that perhaps we should have gotten gifts for them, too! LOL!!

Anyway...Merry Christmas agian..I'm off to my mom's for a bit and then home to start cleaning up before my in-laws get here. Looking forward to a nice, quiet Christmas Day..OH!  Just one more thing! When we arrived at Church last night, there was a rose on the chancel rail, signifying the birth of a child to a member. It turns out that our Interim Associate Pastor's wife gave birth to a daughter yesterday morning! How fitting! And he was at Church last night...a tired but excited man!


Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas to all!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Getting ready to go to my sister's house. We have a birthday party this evening for my soon-to-be 8 year old nephew who was born on Christmas Day! We'll also exchange gifts with my mom and dad. The only downside is that my sister's in laws will be over and we really don't get along with them. My sister and husband don't get along with them, either! Oh well..'tis the season, right? LOL!!

Got out of work early..ran to pick up last minute items for dinner tomorrow night and a few more stocking stuffers..(I've spent about $40 per child on stocking stuffers this year!)..My kids think that their stockings are the best part of Christmas. Me, I'm looking forward to serving Communion at our Church's Candlelight Service. Ah, some peace, quiet and reflection time.

Well, I hear the children showering so I've got to take a number and get in line!

Peace on earth, goodwill to ALL men...Amen.

Thursday, December 11, 2003


(*"Boo" is our 14 year old daughter's nickname)

About 1 hour after I wrote my  post, Boo screamed from the basement. We ran down to find out what happened. Apparently she saw a "white figure" to her right..The figure then reached out and threw a cracker wrapper on to the floor! It really scared her because "they've" never done anything like this. I suspect that "whomever" it was had been reading while I was typing my post and decided to play a trick. Still, we're not frightened.

Tonight my husband and I decided to spend some time together, alone. We went out to dinner up the street to Charlie Brown's. When we came home, Boo reported that she had heard a little girl crying while she was in the basement. (Note: We have 2 computers,1 for the children and 1 for us. They are both located in the basement.) She thought it was "Ray", our 15 year old daughter. She ran upstairs to make sure that Ray was ok but Ray reported that she was fine, hadn't been crying...The basement HAS been particularly "busy" lately so I don't doubt that Boo has experienced these things. She seems to be the one with a "sixth sense", if you will.

One story that I had to delete from last night's post was the story of "Catherine".  Catherine was named by Boo. She is a spirit that is approximately 6-7 years old who is dressed in Colonial clothing...white dress, ribbon in the middle of the dress, hair is curly and short. Boo says that she looks lost. Well, Boo is the only who had seen her until one night. Boo and Ray share a room upstairs in our home. Ray NEVER  believed Boo's stories about Catherine until 2am one morning. That night, she called us and told us that she had just seen something. We ran upstairs to check on her. She told us that she had woken up to see Catherine floating above her bed, just watching her. We calmed her down, asked her if she's like to sleep with us. She declined and went back to bed. Half an hour later, she called agin, only to tell us that Catherine had now positioned herself on Boo's bed, just sitting there, swinging her fett, watching Ray sleep. Well...I decided to send Boo downstairs so that I could sleep in her bed and figure out what had happened this evening. Hmm...I just fell asleep!! I was soooo tired I just conked out! But Ray was able to sleep that night so it was ok...

Until my next post...Peace!

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


I hate the 2500 words or less thing! I edited a great deal from the previous entry so I decided that I would just delete one of the stories and tell it another time!

Got the report!

We recv'd the report from the investigators.1 of them felt someone lightly touch his arm while he was in the basement!He had the feeling that there were "children playing hide and seek" with him. Here's how this started:

One night we heard a crash.The dog ran into our room and wouldn't leave.My husband smelled a chemical-type odor on him so we thought someone broke into the house and tried to subdue the dog with some sort of chemical spray.We got up and saw that one of our 10lbs.chairs was in the family room, approx 7 ft away. We felt that something had scared the dog and he dragged it there. We checked on the kids.After10 mins.we went back to bed.I'm so sure that I'm going to see a robber that I leave my glasses on and keep looking down the hall.A while later, I noticed a small, glowing object on the hallway wall. I kicked my husband and made him look. He rolled over and went back to sleep.I keep observing this object. Then it floated down my hallway, past my door and looked as though it turned towards me. It had no shape but it was the size of an avg person. It went into the dining room, next to my bedroom. I said to my husband, "You are NOT gonna believe what just happened!" So, again, we jump out of bed and cannot find a thing!

The next day we told our neighbors. Since they knew the previous owners, Sam and Betty, they gave their daughter a call to see if she could shed light on this. Turns out that Sam, who had passed away on the corner of our property 3 yrs earlier while mowing the lawn, used to work in a chemical plant and kept his clothes in the dining room closet!!

Since that night, we have had many experiences in the house. Our oldest daughter swears that she heard Sam talking to the dog one day while she was home alone. The only reason she assumes it was Sam was because he was an older African American and she described the voice as being such. Funnily enough, 2 of our daughters were good friends with Sam's 2 granddaughters who lived with him for a period of time. When we were house hunting we asked to see another house on our same street but the realtor accidently brought us to this house, thinking that this was the house we were talking about.  It was exactly the type of house we needed for our large family!


Saturday, November 29, 2003

The (Paranormal) Results are in!

Yay! I checked the website for the paranormal research team that came to our house awhile ago and the results were posted! Tr-State Paranormal Research Just click on "Indoor Investigations" on the left and go to "Metuchen, NJ" at top of page. Can't post too much more because we're expecting my family over for Chinese food. I was very pleased with the results of the investigation, though...WE ARE NOT CRAZY!! (Ok ...we ARE..but we're not seeing things! There REALLY are spirits in the house!


Monday, November 24, 2003

Oooops! Sorry..

I apologize for not taking the time out to write but it's been crazy! I'm really having a difficult time getting used to standing on my feet for 6 hours straight 5 days a week! I DID bring those ever so uncomfortable " I LOVE COMFORT" shoes back...Got myself a piar of $70 Rockport Walkers! You would think that I would stop complaining, but, no....My feet STILL hurt!! It's me, though. And the fact that I AM 42 years old, after all. What was I thinking?! So...went out a few nights later and bought some Dr. Scholls's inserts (no, I AM NOT gellin'! LOL!!). They seem to help a bit. Enough about the state of my feet..

Work is great. I really enjoy meeting new people and the kids I work with are all fun to work with. You know, that's one of the reasons I love to wait tables...the people you work with become like family to you. I've always likened a restaurant and it's employees to summer camp..especially like summer drama camp! Sure, some people aren't going get along with anyone but for the most part, most of them get along with 75% of the rest of the employees. I really get a kick out a this prep chef, Heather. She's great and funny and so adorable, in a tomboyish sort of way! And the cooks are nice too altho they speak Spanish and you never REALLY know what they are saying...

So what have I been up to other than work you ask? Well...cleaned the hot tub on Sunday..Shopped on Saturday..(don't get all excited-it was just groceries!)...Out to lunch and dinner on Friday..(YES! I love to go out to eat!!)..hmmmm..Saturday is kind of a blank, come to think of it!..Oh, wait! Went out to dinner with our neighbors and another couple (friends) to celebrate the neighbors victory in his court case! My food wasn't great but the beer was!! It's a micro-brewery place so of course I had to try every beer! (6, if you're counting.) They were 5 oz. samples so I was fine..I especially liked the Cherry Chocolate Stout...mmmm!! The Raspberry Wheat wasn't bad, either!

Ok..I've babbled long enough. Gotta get some laundry done or the big one won't have clothes for work tomorrow.

See ya...Peace!

Friday, November 14, 2003

That's shoes ASAP!

Well... that's it. I have to return my work shoes (inapropriately called " I LOVE COMFORT") tomorrow. My feet hurt soooo badly that I cry when I get home! (Really...I am NOT kidding!) The bartender, Debbie, recommended "Easy Spirit" shoes for a cost of approx. $70.00!! Tonight we saw a waitress that we're friendly with and she said that Payless has a great pair of sneakers for about $18.00  that I should check into. Trust me, this decision will NOT be made lightly! After all...these are MY FEET! LOL!!!!

Work was cool today. Ok..not cool, but busy. I had a table of 16 at about 12:30pm for a repast luncheon. ( A "repast" is a meal served after a funeral. Fun, huh?!) Think about it..."Hi! Welcome to *****!! My name is Sharon..I'll be your server today! Can I start you off with some liqour that will only serve to remind you that so and so (the not-so dearly departed)) used to imbibe daily so as to render him a useless sot?" Yeah....pretty much sums up my day...Sigh..

Herman (husband) and I went "up the street" to have a couple of beers, a meal and an apertif this evening.  ( I somehow forgot to eat today....well, maybe "forgot" isn't the right word....perhaps "too busy!" is more appropriate a term..)OK...I am SOOOO tired and I really need to go upstairs and be a wife...altho I hear him and the 14 year old horsing around...ahhhh..I can change all that in a heartbeat! ;) LOL!! G'night!

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Boy, do my feet HURT!!

Well...I've made it thru 4 days of work so far! LOL! Whoopee! It's been fairly slow, but that's not bad. I like getting adjusted slowly..The only major problem so far has been my feet. After standing on them for nearly 6 hours straight, I come home almost in tears. They don't stop hurting til I go to bed. So tonight I bought some Epsom salt and I'm hoping that it soothes my feet!

Took the 14 year old to therapist tonight. The therapist has decided to start her own practice and will not be accepting insurance. Pretty much stinks because the 14 year old really likes her. So it's gonna be difficult to replace her. There really is no way I can afford the $120.00 per session without insurance.

Have to cut this short so that I can let the soaking begin!! I'll let you know if it really works..G'night!

Monday, November 10, 2003

1st day on the job..

Well, started my job today after what proved to be a  long weekend. Friday we had training and food tasting. Saturday we had more training, organizing, stocking and (my favorite part!) more tasting! Sunday I had a baby shower to attend, a "soft-opening" at the restaurant (you get to invite a guest to enjoy a free dinner at the restaurant) AND had to meet my confirmation partner at Church. Whew!! Plus I had been watching my sister's dog while she was in Vermaont visiting our dad. This entailed driving the 15 minutes each way to her  house 3-4 times daily, sitting with the dog for a while and feeding her. Not too bad before I knew I'd be working, but I managed.

So, like the title of this entry, today was opening day. Tell you what, for the first time in my life I feel my age!  (42 years old) This is gonna take some getting used to!! LOL!! I only made $20 but I really didn't have all that many tables so that's cool. I'm sure the bucks will start pouring in soon! Truth be told, it's just nice to be working in such a nice atmosphere with a great management team and co-workers. I actually prefer to start off a bit slowly, get my bearings. The big one worked with me today. She made $50!! (That's 'cause she's half my age and had great tables!!)

I'm now trying to get some laundry done so that the poor children don't go to school naked. (Although I swear somedays the girls ARE naked! Please, I'm no prude but when I see the get-ups my girls wear, I wanna cry! And throw blankets over them!!) My next goal is to actuall get my children to pitch in around here. My husband does a majority of the housecleaning but I'm the only one who does laundry so we're screwed! Like I said, I have to get used to this and get into some sort of routine as far as housework....but give me a few weeks, won't you?!

That's about it for feet and legs hurt and I need to grab a nice cold one and jump into the hot tub!

Friday, November 7, 2003

Got a job!

Yay! I got a job! I wasn't really looking for a job but my husband has been telling me that I really need to get back to work. I've ALWAYS worked but in July I decided that I really needed a break for my own sanity. The 15 year old was acting up and I felt that I needed to be home, kind of "babysitting" my own children kind-of-thing. So anyway, the job...I took a waitressing position right in my own town at a brand new resaturant that will open Monday the 10th. It's kind of an upscale Bennigan's- Friday's place. I'm going to work lunches Monday thru Friday. The big one is also going to work there as a cocktail waitress and she'll also do 1 lunch during the week. I haven't waitressed in 12 years but, like riding a bike, you remember how to do it as soon as you get there! I really like the restaurant atmosphere and the cameraderie that you share with the other employees. I like the fact that we're all brand new employees so I won't feel like an outsider. Besides, it's a brand new place so we'll all learn together..No one has an advantage!

The paranormal investigators will be here tomorrow (Saturday) evening. There will be 5 investigators throughout the whole house. My husband tells me that he'll be in NY with our 14 year old daughter while they're here. Just doesn't want to get in their way. Haven't had a lot of "ghostly" activity lately. Halloween I saw a tall dark shadow in my side yard but when I turned my head to ook at it head on, it disappeared. When I came back home, my side gate was wide open. Now  I know that doesn't sound strange until I tell you that the man who owned the house (with his wife) before us died on that very corner of the property. the open gate? Well...we have a very large Alaskan malamute that plays in our yard. NO ONE goes in my yard because he's so intimidating looking! So I just found it strange...Could be nothing or could be the previous owner telling me that he's still around! He was a nice man, too. My kids used to play in this house with his grandchildren who where living with him at the time. We think that he's still around the house. The big one heard him talking to the dog once. "Kota, come here..It's ok. That's a boy!" Strange. One day I'll write down more about the strange things that have happened in this house. But for now, I really need to get to the store. Bye!

Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Tuesday and all is well!

So it's Tuesday..Went to therapist (trust me, I NEED a therapist!) yesterday and she said that I should think about leaving my house by myself for a few weeks. Let the kids take some responsibility and stop taking me for granted. In theory, it sounds great. I could do it, no problem. But in reality, I don't have the money to do it. And I'm not so sure I could go without Herman for more than a few days.

A little background...I have 4 children: A 21 year old daughter recovering from a heroin addiction who also suffers from several different psychiatric disorders, a 15 year old daughter who suffers from depression, a 14 year old daughter who suffers from depression, and a 12 year old son who will someday be a rock star!

Sunday, November 2, 2003

Sunday night..

Good evening! I decided to add an entry because my husband is watching "The Hulk" movie and I found it to be incredibly BOR-ING!

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Herman (my husband) went to support his friends at a powerlifting meet in PA (about an hour away). I ran around, dropping kids off here and there, cleaning, know, the normal "mom" things!

We ate out quite a bit this weekend. I was happy to be able to have a nice quiet dinner with just Herman on Saturday night. Tonight we took 3 of our 4 children out to eat. The big one brought her girlfriend Dana with her. It was a nice meal...acknowledged the fact that the big one is doing so well in her quest for sobriety! She and Dana went to the Halloween parade in the Village this Friday night. They say that they had a good time! They slept at Dana's friend's house in Queens. They were back home just in time to go to Newark for an N.A. "social"...there they met up with some boy that they met while they were both in mental hospital. He is also a heroin addict (Dana is the only one who isn't!!).

We took the girls to Sears today. It all started out with my stating that we really needed new pots and pans because the Teflon was chipping on the old ones. Well- one thing led to the other and the girls got new wardrobes out of us! Actually, Herman profitted form this little excursion, too! He got some new clothes and shoes. Me, I got new pots and pans! LOL!! That's what I wanted!

So, this is the time that I say, g'night!

Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's another day..

Hi!'s been a quiet day. I've just been hanging out all day. On the verge of tears sometimes. I don't know why. I believe it's because I've been thru sooo much with my daughters that my mind and my soul need a break. Almost like post traumatic stress syndrome. What I really need to do is to get to the gym and find a damn job! LOL!!

Halloween is of course all 4 kids are trying to get their costumes together. The 15 year old is going to be an escaped mental patient from the psych ward at Bellevue (trust me, not a stretch!) and she needed handcuffs...4 stores later I found them. (She was babysitting.) The 14 year old is going to be an angel...quite a strecth!!! The 21 year old is going to be goth. My son is going to be a vampire. He's ALWAYS  a vampire!!

I'm going to pose as a happy, well-adjusted mother of 4 perfect children.

Yeah, RIGHT! LOL. G'night.


Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Amother day....

Well..I HAVE calmed down quite a bit. The big one finally showed up at the house around midnight on Monday night. Since then, she has spent virtually every waking moment with her best friend Dana. We've barely see her. To her credit, she did go to the Medicaid office and get the paperwork started. (It's almost emabarassing that she's on public assistance but she can no longer be on our insurance because she's not a full time student.) She went out (half-heartedly) to go job hunting. Enough about her..

The other kids are doing ok. I have really been trying to keep calm about situations that constantly arise...who has an F in math, who fights with siblings, who comes in stoned, etc...I have been spending alot of time in my bedroom lately. Just trying to keep my sanity, I suppose. But what do they do? Of course! They immediately follow me into my room and start bothering me!!

Thank GOD for my husband and my church. My husband really keeps me grounded and my church really keeps me busy! I'm a Deacon so there's always something going on. I also help out in the 5th and 6th grade Sunday school and I was recently asked to be a covenant partner for the next confirmation class. Whew! But I really love my church family!! It's so nice to be a part of something good.

Well...I guess that's it for now. Nothing on TV tonight but I can always find an old movie or a great cooking show! Anyway, G'night!

Monday, October 27, 2003

The big one checks out..

Well, the big one checked out of rehab today....Not really checked out, more like she got tossed out. Apparently she was fraternizing too much. The rehab had strict rules about girl- boy contact. Not even allowed to make eye-contact. What realllly pisses me off is the fact that she didn't bother to call me to come and get her. Noooo...she decided to get a hotel room with the 3 other people who were tossed out!!!! I received a phone call at 3pm (didn't get it til 4pm, when I got home) stating that she had been discharged at 9am this morning!! Of course, I was frantic wondering what happened to her. I called all the people she could have possible no avail. Finally, at 7pm, she called to say that she was ok and would it be alright if she stayed with her 3 friends at a hotel for the evening??!! "NOOOOOO!!", I screamed.

You have to understand.....I have been throught this too many times...I have given her this "last chance" to get things right in her life...And I really mean that this is indeed her last chance with us. SHe may be clean but she's still playing the addict role. I don't know what to do. I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place..I'm damned if I throw her out (she may die from an OD) and I'm damned if I let her stay here ( she'll continue to live here as though this were a hotel).

You know, I really thought that this was it. She wanted to stay clean and be here with her family. But why doesn't she show any responsibility for herself? Why must I make the rules and thus be the "bad guy"?? We have been there for her through her recovery but yet she feels the need to go against our wishes? Yes..I realize that she is 21 years old but she really is only 14 years old, mentally, anyway..She needs direction. And we have tried to give her that but it's like going against a rip tide.

I'm sooo tired from this... I don't know that I can fight this battle any longer, for my own sanity. I have done everything possible, imaginable, whatever...I have done it. And I think that I may be done if she doesn't start making mature, adult, responsible decisions regarding her future.

That's all I have for tonight.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Several good days in a row!!

Do you kinda get the feeling that I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band?! Well...YES I DO! Heard from the big one..she's doing well in rehab...Yee Haw! Have tried to be in a better frame of mind lately. I think that the therapist is a bit worried that I may be suffering from depression. Yeah, well..I might. I sleep too much, I drink too much..I cry too much. I just do everything TOO MUCH!! Anywayyyyyyy...I'm not worried about myself...yet. I still have some sense of control. Albeit, not too much control. Ever feel like you're spiraling downwards? That's me lately....But I can always pull it together,if not just for a moment...

Herman (my husband) has his powerlifting meet on Saturday morning. His parents will be down tomorrow afternoon so that they can be there at 8:30am Saturday morning to watch him. Right now he's in the hot tub with Mark and Heather, his "gym friends" with whom I have nothing in common..other than the fact that we live in the same town! LOL!!

Welllllll.....I guess I should turm in for the night..but WAIT!! I need to watch the World Series! Last time I checked, the Yankees were behind, 1-4...Yikes! I'd better go and offer some fan support! (Truth be told..I only watch the Yankees when they make the Worls Series...which has been pretty much the past several years!!)


Monday, October 20, 2003

After the weekend...Monday

A quiet weekend. Wanted to do something, go somewhere, see someone...Instead, stayed around the house, doing normal every weekday kinds of things. Laundry, cleaning..well, you get the picture. When I was a child, my parents would often take us on spur of the moments trips. Flemington, New Hope, Pt. Pleasant..anywhere.Once they loaded us into the car at 3am and took us to Washington, D.C.! Anyway, my husband is not the free spirited, spontaneous person that I've always been.  We are soooo different. Many people who know us separately are amazed when they see us together. They say, "She's/He's your wife/husband? I would have never guessed!" Too funny! We are the epitome of the ying/yang thing..But it works for us. He was "Disco Dan" while I stood on the beach yelling "Disco Sucks!" I get frantic and he calms me down with his reasoning. We don't even look like a couple! He's 5'10", dark-complexioned, and built like a powerlifter. (Good thing, seeing as he IS a powerlifter! LOL!) He weighs 205lbs. Me, I'm tall (5'10") fair-skinned, 150 pounds (yikes! THAT hurt!) and I have long golden hair (Listen to CSN "Guinnevere). I'm the hippie, he's the conservative white collar type. Anyway, how'd I get onto this subject?! Oh yeah...he's not spontaneous! So...Have I failed to mention that the big one (our oldest daughter) finally went to rehab? We took her on Thursday morning. She went willingly, which is in and of itself a great start! Say a small prayer for her if you remember.

I'm off to a dream-filled g'night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The oldest one leaves tomorrow..

Well...she got  the call today. My oldest daughter, a 21 year old with a heroin addiction, leaves for rehab tomorrow morning. I look at ot as another step in the journey through recovery. She's been clean for 5 weeks and that's great! This is the longest amount of time she's been clean. She seems to be very committed to getting well. She has to. She's also suffers from Juvenile Diabetes (insulin dependent) that she has very little control over. (She's what they refer to as a "brittle diabetic", meaning she has very poor control over her blood sugars that are affected by just about everything, emotions included.) So we pray a little (BIG!) prayer that she at least kicks her heroin addiction so that she can effectively deal with her diabetes. We just recently allowed her to stay with us while she waited for a bed to open up in rehab. SHe has been indigent for several years, no insurance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Bad day

Feeling down today...not even sure why. Kids are all being difficult and snotty and I take it personally, I guess. Had meeting at church last night from7:30p til almost 10p! Got email from paranormal investigators stating that they'd like to come on Nov 8 to do the investigation. Maybe I'll go to my sister's tonight, hang out and drink tea. Doesn't sound like GRAND fun?! LOL! Spoke to Mikey the other day..God! Do I miss him! Sometimes he could make sense of things for me. Besides, we had so much fun together. No one believes that we were just friends but that was really it. I love him to death but I could never be with him. Not really my type. Oh well...I'm rambling so I'd better stop for now. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow, ok? Thanks!


Monday, October 6, 2003

The paranormal investigators

The paranormal investigators came on Saturday...very nice people! We all told about our little experiences...and we've all had them! They are very interested in doing an investigation in early November. They'll have approx 4-6 people here with cameras and other detection equipment. They said they'll be here for about 2 hours. I'm looking forward to it!

Today was the blood drive at church...What a disappointing turnout! We normally get about 40 pints donated but we only had 15 pints this time! Maybe the timing was off...It's Yom Kippur and some families took advantage of the 3 day weekend. Oh live, you learn! Unicameral Board meeting tomorrow! (NOT!) Time to hang with my husband..I think I remember who he is! LOL!


Wednesday, October 1, 2003

My first entry

AOL Music: The AOL Concert For Schools - Live! From Central Park

Where do I even start? Kids all made it to school today! Doesn't happen that often but when it does, I couldn't be more thrilled! And am I doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen or vacuuming? OF COURSE NOT! I'm totally enjoying the peace and quiet! Silly you for even thinking that I would actually be doing housework! Well, I am waiting for the paranormal research team to call  me to set up a meeting. Did I mention that my house is haunted? Not in a bad scary stuff happening. Just a bunch of "people" who do not financially contribute to the running of the house, wandering around. Harmless, really. Several children have been seen in my kid's bedrooms. Anyway, it should be interesting to see what they find out. I'll keep you posted! Enough for now..later!