Sunday, March 7, 2004

Sunday and all is well!

So, it's Sunday already and I'm just not ready for the coming week. JUST started to do the mega-tons of laundry and haven't dusted a damn thing all weekend! LOL!! Oh, but I DID clean the hot tub so it's all heated up for tonight. Yippee! Herman and I decided to spend some much needed quality time together. We went out to dinner last night to our favorite Portuguese restaurant, Seabra's Armory. I had grilled swordfish and Herman has their twin lobster special. Yeah, that and a large pitcher of sangria!! Then we went up the street to our local bar where I had an L.A. Martini (dirty Skyy vodka martini..lots of olives, please!!) and he had a rum & coke. All in all, a nice night.

Tonight I'm meeting my confirmation partner, her friend and the other co-president of the Deacon's to do some much needed studying so that the girls can make confirmation. After that, to the movies..just me and Herman. Going to see Mystic River, finally. He's going to make dinner while I'm out. I won't get to eat it but at least the kids will have eaten. He's such a doll...I really am soooo lucky. I always say that my grandpa (who passed away shortly before I met Herman) and God pushed him my way. And he's handsome, to boot! LOL!!

On that note, I'm off to fold yet another load of laundry and to get ready to meet the girls...oh, and YAY! I'm off of work tomorrow! Woo-hoo!!!



donah42 said...

I want a review on "Mystic River", please!

sxysweetart said...

Great dinner, drinks, and time in the hot tub whoo hoo! Doesn't get any better than that! I've never had Portuguese food, but it sure sound good, expesially the lobster, yummm!!

drgnflyjwls said...

Oh yes! I'd like to know how that movie is as well.

Your hubby is so sweet and good to you. I know you feel blessed.