Sunday, February 1, 2004

Super Bowl Sunday

I've gotten very lax about adding to my journal. Quiet day today. Everyone is gone except me...and I'm soooo enjoying it! Went to dinner at a Portuguese restaurant with 2 of our friends last night. Had a blast! (If you've never had Portuguese food, it's a lot of seafood in red(marinara) or green (wine, garlic and parsely) sauce..also paellas, great meats..lots of food! And sangria! Woo-hoo! LOVE that sangria! (A/K/A "happy juice"...till you drink too much of it..quickly turns to "unhappy juice".)

My husband took our old car to a car dealer to see how much we could get on a trade in. I wanted to get a new Taurus (Ford) but he was GOING to surprise me with a new Mustang!! That is, until they would only give him $200. MAX for the 1994 Cutlass Ciera Oldsmobile (with a mere 50k was my grandmother's car and husband only drove it to work and gym) and my husband got insulted and walked out. the car is not in that great of shape. We've replaced the brakes 2 or 3 times now and it has a constant oil gasket leak...but don't car dealers give you at LEAST $1k for an old clunker?! Not any more, I suppose....So, I still have the Olds...til next weekend, that is! And I will be the realistic one and get the Taurus because I need to cart around 3-4 children. I'm sure my husband has OTHER ideas, tho..We'll see. I'll keep you posted.

The Big one is at Penn State visiting her boyfriend. I like when she's gone...much less aggravation. (Was that bad, saying I actually like when 1 of my children is away for the weekend?!) I expect her back tomorrow afternoon. She claims that she wants to go to the gym with her father. One of his friends has been training her. Now he wants her to start powerlifting like the rest of 'em! LOL...she can't pick up her own butt to get a is she going to powerlift? This should be fun to watch!

Well...gotta get ready to do some food shopping and then to a friend's home to watch the Super Bowl..I think I want the Patriots, unless they lose. Then I want the Panthers. (No loyalty...sheesh!) Have a good one!


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