Sunday, February 1, 2004

How do you add a hyperlink??!!

Quickly...I've seen other blogs mention someone's name (say, SloMo) but in the form of a hyperlink. I see the little icon for "add hyperlink" but it wants a www.whatever address...How do I add a hyperlink?? Say I want to add a link to grodygeeks journal and just want to type in "Gordy" as the the heck do I do this? Can some 'splain this to me? Thanks in advance for your help! (Oh...when I went to the "help" button at the top of this entry, it didn't help...LOL...)


tmmiles4 said...

hey...i know this reallly hot guy ...he fixes all of MY computer problems, maybe HE could help you with your dilema....i think you need to ask him.....but, OH! you already know him, don't you??? He's your husband!

tmmiles4 said...

hello........where did you go???? did you give up and quit???