Sunday, February 8, 2004

Disappearing pictures

Today is 2 of my girls birthdays! The Big One is 22 and Ray is Sweet 16!! This is a special birthday for The Big's the first birthday in many years that she's clean. That alone is worth celebrating!

Seems like the pictures I added a while ago have mysteriously disappeared! LOL!! Does AOL automatically delete pictures after a set amount of time? I thought that I had added these pictures but when I looked back in my journal, they're gone! Poof! into thin air!

Just got home from Church a bit ago. What a wonderful sermon! (Never thought I'd say those words!! LOL) Every once in awhile you hear something in a sermon that totally makes everything click and today was one of those sermons. Makes you feel good, know what I mean?

Expecting my mother and father in law in a bit and then my family (sister, her family and my mom) will join us for dinner and birthday cake. As always, my husband will be cooking his little (really BIG) heart out. I think he's making ribs on the grill, shrimp and rice and duck with cheriyaki sauce. I'll mash some potatoes.

Well...I've added some pictures for your viewing pleasure...time to get some work done here!


drgnflyjwls said...

What BEAUTIFUL children!!

Congratulations big one! I know that's hard for her and she should be proud of herself.

Boy! I remember sweet sixteen. What a wonderful time of life, huh?

Well, now that you've made me hungry for shrimp, I'll say goodbye and go visit my dieting journal buds! Have a nice week.


cafeteome said...

Thanks Julie!

dymphna103 said...

Ever once in a while God has a reason for us to hear a sermon in a special way. Maybe it was your day. john