Monday, February 16, 2004

Yucky day..

Yucky day...and I'm not talking weather, either. Kids driving me CRAZY. The Big One ALWAYS "borrows" money from me, swearing that: A)she's gonna get a job REALLLL SOOOON  B)she'll do any chore around the house. just ain't so. I told her that for the $10 I gave her yesterday she needed to wash the kitchen floor. (It's not a huge floor, maybe 10'x8') She whimpered and pleaded with Boo to change jobs. Boo was to clean the toilet and bathtub in their bathroom. Well, I'm not paying for them to clean their own bathroom!! Yet, Boo agreed to this swap and it took her 2.5 hours to clean my kitchen floor!!! (First you use ammonia and then you use Brite to shine it up a bit.) I practically wound up doing it myself because she missed so many spots.

I know I sound oh! so bitchy but c'mon already! We are paying for The Big One's college tuition, she drives our car that WE put gas into and she's yet to pay us for the cell phone we bought for her in December. And to top it all off, she acts as tho WE OWE HER!! This is the child who is in recovery from heroin abuse and was for the most part, homeless this past summer. Now that she home, you'd think she was Paris F*n Hilton!! Oh, when she gets money she runs right out the door and goes out to dinner, shopping, etc.Just makes me feel like she's not at all grateful for this last chance that we've given her. Ahhhhhh..Ok, I'll stop now. I'm just getting myslef more upset.

We really want to help her but we feel as tho we're being taken advantage of. It's almost like walking on egg shells around her. I know that her addiction is her problem but it's so nice to have all 4 of our children back in the same house that you just don't want to ruin it. Altho I did ask her when she's going to get married and move out! LOL!! She was mad at me for that...I just want her to be healthy and grow up. She's 22 for Pete's sake!! They say a person stops maturing at the each at which they begin using. I estimate that she's about 13. Great...just what I need..another teen aged daughter..woo-hoo.


tmmiles4 said...

shes acting like a 13 yr old so treat her like 1. take stuff away (cell, car) ground rules.she cant have a cell phone if she cant pay for it.thats the way it works 4 adults.she wants to "act" like an adult.guess what? I dont work I dont have a roof over my head.I dont have new clothes or for heavens sake go out to dinner? stop letting her hang her recovery over your head its NOT yur fault if she screws up I NO u love her she does 2 so she pushes u..dont let her do 2 u what she KNOWS shes doing

drgnflyjwls said...

ARGGGHH..TEENS(&22 yr olds)!

I agree w/tmmiles. Take shit away from her. If she doesn't earn it, she doesn't get it! I'm thinking you have some prob. w/hubby stepping in & sticking up for her, right? Mine does that. I'd talk to him 1st and you guys set some ground rules she MUST follow.

Man! What a cross to bear. I'm thinking of you.


sxysweetart said...

My ds is the same way! Buy me this now, and than I'll do anything to earn the money for it! Yeah right, I know how this is going to end up! And it's usually some worthless junk that he loses interest in fast. Feels good to vent, huh? Ammonia, wow that will open up the nasal passages real fast! LOL! *lila* :-)

hempenhomespun said...

My parents were always trying to make ends meet, so they really instilled in us kids that we needed to EARN anything we wanted. Sometimes they would give us money or buy us something just cause (those times were special), but today they consider themselves blessed because we still show gratitude for all they did for us.

Sometimes you just have to put your foot down.