Friday, February 20, 2004

Girls night out!

God, I am NOT getting any younger! I'm sooo tired from last night but it is totally worth it! I even got up and danced! Woo-hoo! I never so that! Especially where I work..I have a rule..kinds like "don't sh*t where you eat"...."don't dance where you work"..Has worked for me in the past. Last night the owner's brother wanted to dance so Little Sharon and I obliged him. Then we got up to dance to Little Sharon's favorite song and this poor little guy came up to me and said, "Um, I have no one to dance with..." I said, "Well, you DO now!" He was so cute! Then he came over to the table to thank me. What a nice guy!

It appears as though the owner feels that we are corrupting his wife. Ok, so we are, but why does he care so much? I can tell you why..It's ruining HIS fun. Now she wants to go out and he can't have a good time if she's around. She had a blast, letting down her hair so to speak. But she WOULD NOT dance. Maybe next time. I half expected to see a line thru my name on the work schedule! would be just like him to fire me for that!!

Work was slow for me..The 2 other girls were fairly busy but I chose to stay in the lounge where it's slow. TOO TIRED! Had 2 tables..Oh well..I helped out the other girls.

On my way for a little nap..Family coming over for cake and coffee tonight. Then to Herman's powerlifting tournament tomorrow morning. Then a surprise 50th birthday party for next door neighbor tomorrow evening. Ushering in Church on Sunday and hosting "Meet The New Interim Head Pastor" on Sunday evening...and I had better be home by 8pm in order to see the series finale of Sex and The City. I hope Carrie winds up with Big. Ok...peace!


sxysweetart said...

You party animal you! LOL Sounds like you had a great time. That next day is always rough tho! Have never watched Sex and the city, I don't have HBO, but sure have heard alot about it.

wizgem said...

GO GIRL!!!!! It's nice to hear that you had fun and had a nice time with your friends on that "girls night out." "Till next time again!", right?....LOL. No doubt that you will have a very busy weekend.....LOL. Just keep and fasten those smiles....LOL. Have a great weekend! Take care!

CHOY :-)

drgnflyjwls said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time!

I'm going to miss Sex in the City so much. I'm w/you, Big has got to come riding in, last moment, on a white horse to save Carrie from that pompous ass she's w/now! I stopped liking him when he "dissed" her friends. LOL

Good luck to your hubby. Looks like a busy weekend.

tmmiles4 said...

well you must have had a great good in fact that you've left us readers hanging while you recupperate!

mountainmere said...

Hello. My name is Meredith and I found your journal through another. I just had to say I love it here. Your journal is fantastic. And your haunted house....whoopie...I'd love to live there!! I absolutely ADORE Sex In The City too. I even did an entry on it for last night. Have a great night and I'll be coming back often.