Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Not much of anything

Doing laundry...decided to play around with "You've Got Pictures!"..Thought I'd like to share some family pictures with all of you! LOL..

My best friend at work gave her notice today as she has to move to Jersey City immediately. Surprisingly, her name is also Sharon! She's a Leo..I get along realllly well with Leos. (My husband is a Leo.) I also get along with Sagittarians (sp?)..Actually...I usually get along with EVERYONE! LOL!!

Received a really nice email from the head of the paranormal investigation team. He said that they all really loved doing the investigation with us and that we're their favorite clients! They were so much fum to work with..lots of laughs!

Hope you all have a great night! Me...I'm doing laundry and taking it slow....Haven't even had dinner yet..Not in the mood. Peace!



dymphna103 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal. I did have diner already as I cooked for Bubba tonight. john

drgnflyjwls said...

A best friend, who I met through work, moved away 4 yrs. ago. I miss her still & fly to see her once a year. It's just not the same w/o her around.

You must have a very magnetic personality, Sharon. People gravitate to you, don't they? It's nice to be around those as nice as you.

Enjoyed the para. site pics. Daughter & I got chill bumps and watery eyes from seeing that directly in front of you in your bs'ment.

Good looking family there! Love the pics.


sxysweetart said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal! To bad about losing your friend at work, I'm sure you'll miss her. I'm a sagittarius also...12/10. :-) *lila*

writerchic477 said...

Hiya! Thanks for visiting my journal. Come read entries anytime! I am sorry about your friend having to move.

XO Jeri