Monday, February 9, 2004

I survived the (in-laws) birthday party!

The party went well. I wound up making sausage with peppers and onions instead of mashed potatoes. Now I have 10 pounds of potatoes that I need to use soon. Oh well..I'm thinking of making oven fries tonight.

The in-laws didn't leave til 3pm today. All because my mother in law felt the need to clean every room upstairs before she left. Then she said to me, "Too bad I can't clean your room!" Arghhhh!!! LEAVE MY ROOM ALONE!!! My room is usually a mess because A)it's the smallest bedroom in the house B) I have 1 very tiny closet and C) I can close the door and no one can tell how messy it is!! Truthfully, I make my bed every day but we have so many clothes and nowhere to put them. I have a free standing closet but that's even maxxed out. We're getting a new bedroom set in May but that won't even afford us enough storage space. And I can't even expand my room due to where in the house it's located. Oh well...we'll make due.

As soon as I can download the pictures from last nights festivities I'll add some pictures here. Oh, the paranormal people should be adding our investigation to their website shortly. You can click on the following link if you're interested!Tr-State Paranormal Research Go to "indoor investigations" and then to "Metuchen, NJ". Only the first investigation is available right now. I'll let you know when the 2nd one is posted.

And finally, thank you to EVERYONE (Julie,Lila, John, CHOY,some crazy chick tmmiles4<lol> and everyone else) who adds comments to my journal! It's so much fun to find a new comment. If you have a journal, please leave me a link..I'd LOVE to read them!


sxysweetart said...

Sausage, peppers & onions, does that ever sound good! I think I'd make potato salad with some of those tators. My bedroom door is always closed too. I gave my son the biggest room, he has too much stuff! Looking forward to the next paranormal report. My journal address is Come and visit! :-) *lila*

drgnflyjwls said...

OMG! I can't believe your MIL! W/four kids, a house is going to be messy. I quit yelling at my teen to clean her room. Now the door stays shut and she cleans when it gets unbearable to her. LOL

I can relate to the sm. bdrm. Hubby uses our hall closet which is also where the dirty laundry goes! Ahhh to have a bigger home.

Con. really hate the 500 character limit!

drgnflyjwls said...

Thank you for the para. link & for the pics you share. I don't journal yet. I hope to find the time to soon. I have four kiddos as well.. 15,14,3 & 2 ARRGGGHHHH!!!

I drizzle olive oil on cubed pot. & sprinkle w/any seasoning I have (garlic salt, any Mrs. Dash, etc.). Bake at 400 on a cookie sheet until tender, stirring every so often. Yum! Not so bad for you either.

LIFE is stranger than fiction wouldn't you say. Keep up the great journal!