Friday, February 27, 2004

Sorry...haven't been feeling well

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm still here. Just haven't been feeling really great (headache, stomach..eghhhh!) but I've been reading everyone's journal!! Today is Little Sharon's last day...booo-hoo! And I've been informed by the manager that they will be hiring back some yucky boy who used to work dinners at the place. I asked him to check thru all the applications and see if there was perhaps a middle-aged woman who was hard working and had a great sense of humor that was looking to work with me! Hell...I'd settle for a 20-30ish year old woman with the above attributes! 

The house has been fairly inactive lately...well, at least the kids haven't said anything if they have been seeing things. Seems to have calmed down. The Big One's boyfriend is home from school for the weekend so we'll get some peace around here til Sunday. We (Herman, the 3 younger children and I) may take a ride to NY to see his family. (They live in Westchester County, north of the city.) I'd really just like to have a nice quiet weekend because the past several weekends have been BUSY. I have a meeting at work on Sunday morning that is mandatory. (Yes, even wait staff have meetings! LOL) The sign on the office door says that if you don't show up you have no job. Yeah, well....they fire me they have no day shift!

I guess I should go upstairs and put my work clothes on..still not feeling great but hey! It's Friday! Woo-hoo!!


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sxysweetart said...

Hope you get to feeling better! Hey, I'm middle aged, hard working, and have a sense of humor, I would apply there if I lived there. LOL! I sure would love to see NYC someday. I know I prbly never will, but would like to see where the towers once stood, and say a prayer, than mabey I could put the grief behind me of THAT day. Hope you have a good weekend, and if I had one, I'd be in that hot tub for sure! LOL :-) ~lila~