Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Busy day...again!!

Another really busy day. Work was busy for about an hour, then it DIED. Came home, started some laundry (the "forever" laundry! LOL), made dinner ( Ok, so I opened a box of frozen eggplant parm and cooked some spaghetti..what's the big deal? It's dinner!) and did some more laundry.  Decided to go to my mom's to go thru old pictures. The Big One and my son (who turned 13 today!!) drove over and looked thru the pictures, too. Great pictures! Some of me, my sister and brother when we were young, but ALOT of my kids when they were cute and didn't have mouths (or manners, for that matter) like a truck driver. (Case in point: Ray, the 16 yr old, burps and spits like a tobacco-chewing, beer guzzling redneck..So, I told her that for her birthday, I'd buy her a set of balls [sorry] so that she'd have something to scratch! LOL!!!!)

Ahhh..youth. If I had ever spoken they way speak or acted the way they act, I probably wouldn't be here telling you these stories. Yes, I, too, once walked 10 miles uphill both ways in the snow to school...Never spoke at the table unless my dad asked me something and suffered many a times with a bowl of spaghetti and warm milk and wasn't allowed to leave that table until my milk was gone. ( I HATE milk because of this...yeah,we even had milk with pizza too..YUCK!) I once incurred the wrath of my father because I put ice cubes in his beer to keep it cold. Ruined it for him, thats what I did. Never, EVER put ice cubes in your dad's beer. Once, after my mom had made her famous Hellfire Stew (yes, that's the real name..tasty, too..really), my sister decided that she would have no more. My dad, wanting nothing to go to waste, decided that if she wasn't gonna eat it, she was gonna wear headgear! He up-ended that bowl of ketchup-based stew with mashed potatoes right on top of her 4 year old head!! God, I wish we had video of that!! :::laughing so hard from the memory that I'm crying:::

Speaking of dear ol' dad, he trekked down from Vermont to pay the family a visit. He's up there, all by himself. Hmmmm..I wonder why...


wizgem said...

It's so nice to reminisce those past and wonderful memories we had with our family and friends. "Wish I could have done it better", is what I always say when I also remember those past and wonderful times with my family and friends. Past is past and let those wonderful memories be an inspiration and a strength to achieve the best things in this life.
SHARON, thanks for being there to cheer me up and for all the encouragements you gave me, when I was down......Hat's off to you! CHOY :-)

drgnflyjwls said...

My Dad would yell at us for being too loud when we would try to make nightly dish washing a little more fun(no dishwasher back then!). "I'm gonna come through there swingin'!!!" Which would send us into more fits of laughter. But my all time fav. from dear Dad.."If you don't stop playing w/your belly button your butt's gonna shoot off like a rocket!" LOL Ahhhh...memories!


drgnflyjwls said...

Hey Sharon, I forgot to ask... can I get that Hellfire Stew receipe....ppuuullleeaasseee!!!


sxysweetart said...

Looking at old pictures is fun! I don't like milk either because when I was a child, my uncle had dairy cows, and he gave me a glass of milk straight from the cow! Ewwww! Hot, thick, yellowish, GROSS!!! It goes thru alot of changes from cow to store, thats for sure! LOL *lila*