Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Could you just scream?!

Well, folks..here in the northeast we are expecting yet another snow storm. <ugh> The weather people cannot agree on totals yet..some say 1"-3", yet others say 6 "-12"...right now it's sleet/freezing rain, ALWAYS a fun couple! <yeah, right...>

I'm in total pain..On Sunday while I was walking to my car I noticed an older woman had slid on ice while she was getting out of her car. She slid right underneath her car! (Partially) I ran over and grabbed her under her arms, trying to pull her up. The parking lot was so icy that she fell down again, pulling me with her! Not wanting to fall on my injured knee, I grabbed her and pulled her up, thus turning my OTHER knee and twisting my back. Her husband came from the other side of the car, not knowing what was happening, and gave me a strange look. In hindsight, he must have thought that I was mugging his wife!! Anyway, I put my leg on a non-icy area and the woman pulled herself up by pulling on my pants leg! I felt so badly for her...she was moaning in pain the whole time. I sure hope that she reported her injury/accident to the store manager..

Work has been slow..I had a whopping 3 tables today. No one wants to be out in this brutal cold. And when they DO come out, all they want is soup and hot coffee/tea!! Wow...BIG money! LOL!! Me, I'll take an L.A. Martini to warm me up! (L.A. Martini= Dirty Skyy Vodka Martini straight up with lotsa olives, thank you very much! I made this one up myself! Get it?)

Well..I'm sure the kids are off from school yet tomorrow YET AGAIN...and me, I'll crawl to work if necessary. Spend the day in the house with 4 children? No thanks..I'll pass.

Stay warm, keep dry and don't let the bed bugs bite! (Threw the last on in for good measure!)


drgnflyjwls said...

LOL!! I can really relate...entering our 3rd day of "no school" here in SC. We have 1 &1/2 in. of pure ice over everything! My 4 dear children are driving me CRAZY!!!

If I ever slip and fall under my car, I hope someone as kind as you will help me up. I bet that lady let her hubby have it! I hope you didn't injure yourself too badly.


tmmiles4 said...

Must I re-iterate??? SPAZ!!!!! You should know better than to put innocent people in even more peril by trying to "assist" them!!! Next time keep your hands to yourself and stop terrorizing people who have already suffered some kind of trauma by trying to "help"!! spaz, spaz, spaz!!!!!!

wizgem said...

Hi there,

Just visiting your journal and wanted to thank you for the encouraging thoughts that you posted in my journal. I really appreciate it very much. Rest assured, I will "pick up the pieces" and will continue to sail on.....Thank you!


wayoutdacloset said...