Saturday, February 28, 2004

My dreams are stressing me out!!

I've figured out why I'm not getting restful sleep-my dreams! Lately all my dreams have been very stressful. Been waking up feeling like I'd never gone to sleep. In my dreams I've been having arguments, getting into sticky situations and have had to figure things out. Example: Last night my dream took me to the Bahamas. Sounds nice, right? WRONG. While there, I had to manage all 4 of my kids (make sure they were where they were supposed to be at all times,stop the everlasting arguments between them, etc), had to swim with a dolphin that just wanted to bite and drown me, had to collect all the belongings of my family (coats, wallets, keys and some drawing materials of Boo's) all while the ocean was rising up. Had to try and figure out how I was going to get everything from the place that they were to a drier place without getting them wet. Then I realized that they might have left some things on a higher cliff so I had to climb all the way up (maybe 100 feet) only to realize that nothing was up there and now the only way down was to jump off this cliff into the water below and then climb back up maybe 25 feet to the OTHER cliff where I had left everything!! (Whew! I'm sooo stressed out about this!!) Then I had to jump off THAT cliff into the water below me and try to keep everything together and dry. I awoke from this dream several times only to go back to sleep so as to try and figure out how I was going to accomplish everything in my dream. At one point, there was a talking kangaroo that kept following me around and bothering me. Sounds funny but in my dream, it was scary. So I had to figureout how the hell I was going to get away from this talking kangaroo when all of a sudden another talking kangaroo came around and the first one followed him/her. Somehow, the kangaroo was sexually harassing me but I can't tell you how. It just felt that way in my dream.

My point is that for the past week AT LEAST all my dreams have been like this, constantly trying to figure things out, solve things and deal with personal issues. In one of my dreams my husband told me that he didn't love me and turned his back on me-literally. He ignored me completely as tho I didn't even exist. This is one of my biggest fears-my husband falling out of love with me. I adore him so much and we have so much fun together that to lose it would be heartbreaking. :::tears coming to my eyes just thinking about this:::

Had to get this out..haven't even finished my first cupof coffee. It feels as tho my dreams are tormenting me. I have been thru so much in my life that I have not yet shared. Yet I have always been a happy go lucky person. I guess only deep down in my subconcious am I beginning to process and later deal with everything.

Anyway, thanks for listening/reading. Please, if anyone has ANY insight as to why I'm having dreams like these, please let me know either via email or by posting a comment. I'm really frustrated over this. Now I'm gonna go and try to enjoy my day off...but somehow I think that these dreams are going to keep me frustrated all day. Peace...

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tmmiles4 said...

He absolutely adores you too...the only person he would ever leave you for is...... me!!!! LOL! Stop eating before you go to bed.......I always have crazy dreams if I go to bed on a full send the kangaroo to my house I could use some excitement!