Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Late night diner cruise!

It's soooo funny how much my husband and I think alike! We were watching a movie when he turned to me and said, "You know....eggs, bacon and homefries sound really good, don't they?" I laughed, because I was thinking the SAME thing! (This happens quite often with us...totally off the wall things, too!) So, we took a little trip to our local diner (2 minutes away) where I just had a short stack of french toast with bacon, and he had eggs (up, yuckkkkk!), bacon and homefries. Decaf coffee for me..haven't been sleeping too well.

Came home sick from work today. Have been coughing, sneezing and really achy all weekend. We were overstaffed (with over-zealous boys, I might add!) so I told them that if it was slow, I was going home and back to bed. The thing is, I don't feel totally sick, but just enough to make me uncomfortable. I wish that I'd just get sick and get it over with. ::sigh:: Just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired...know what I mean?

And, in closing for this evening, I'd really like to thank everyone for their words of wisdom regarding yesterday's post. Sometimes I get realllly overwhelmed and feeling quite outnumbered. It's great that I can vent here in my journal. It helps. And the kind words don't hurt, either. Anyway..thanks, ALL of you!! I'm going' to bed..G'night!


guccidreams said...

Whew! Just finished reading every entry in your journal and checking out the Tri-State website and their investigation into your home. Your journal is wonderful and it seems they did a great job of defining your haunting. Are they going to try to disolve your spirits or leave them as is? You may email me. Emily

tmmiles4 said...

hey....you went to the big D didn't you?? See, there are SOME things I miss......in addition to you!

drgnflyjwls said...

Venting really helps, huh? I internalize everything until I just explode! Then I feel o.k. again for awhile. ;)

Gosh! Those homefries sound sooo good. Does "eggs up" mean sunnyside up? If it does, then I agree with you...YUCK!

I hope you are feeling better soon & are able to get the rest you need.


sxysweetart said...

Does that breakfast ever sound good! Now I'm hungry for that too! LOL We had that sickness thing here last week, ds missed most of the week at school. I was lucky and didn't get as sick as he did. I would have rather it been me, cause having him home all week was just too much! LOL *lila* :-)

dymphna103 said...

I want to come eat at your place. I'll trade off. john