Sunday, February 15, 2004

Recovering from sleepover

Not MY son's. He's turning 13 on the 18th so we allowed him to have a party...complete with bikini-clad girls! LOL...let me explain. He had 8 boys and 4 girls over and we allowed them to go into our hot tub. Well, my son could not have been more pleased to be in the hot tub with these 4 girls! You'd think he would have had enough girls, what with him having 3 older sisters. But no, my son LOVES women. I often say that we're raising him to be "the perfect husband", if there is such a beast. (Truthfully, I have the closest thing to a perfect husband...right, Darlene??!! LOL!!)

Speaking of which, he has decided to go to PA with his gym buddies to be coached by a nationally renowned powerlifter. He and one of his friends, Wayne, are in a powerlifting competition next Saturday. Apparently this powerlifter is going to give them a seminar on stance, taking the bar off the power rack and how to formulate what your lifts (in pounds) should be. My husband wants to get 600+ pounds next Saturday (in the squat competition)..He's gotten it at the gym but at a public competition, it's more difficult. Ok..I've bored you enough...I'll move on. (It's just that I really am so proud of him..he's so devoted.)

Valentine's Day was kind of a let down but aren't they always? We had so much to do in preparation for son's party that we really couldn't do anything. And FORGET going out to dinner! Valentine's Day and Mother's Day..2 holidays to avoid restaurants! I told Dar earlier, I have sto start cleaning up the mess...may takes days, even weeks. Hope everyone had a nice day yesterday...know that I was thinking about each and everyone of you! Peace..



drgnflyjwls said...

Ahhhh....boys. I could share a story or 2 about my 15 yr. olds "soap opera" love life! LOL Sounds like you've got a lady killer on your hands same as me.

Glad you survived the party. If I lived closer, I'd give you a hand cleaning up. Here's hoping you don't find any bikini bottoms or tops floating in the hot tub! LOL


dymphna103 said...

I remember those days. john

sxysweetart said...

Oh I don't envy you having to clean up after the kids! I know what you mean about Valentines Day, it's just another day to me, whoopdi do! *lila* :-)