Thursday, February 19, 2004

Woo-hoo! Going out tonight!!

Girls night out!!Going to where I work to listen to this fun band..We even got the owner's wife to come out with us!! (She's the day hostess so we know her really well.) We're going out to say goodbye to our co-worker, Little Sharon. (And no, please do not call me Big Sharon...I prefer Tall Sharon! I'm 5'10"!!) She is moving next week. I'm sure I'll see her again, though. We became fairly good friends over the 3 months that we've worked together. She's moving closer to NYC so I'll take the train up to see her and we can do the city together! (Husband HATES doing the city thing so this is good.)

Husband..ok, Herman..and yes, that's his real name..said that he may stop by for a drink later on. We plan on introducing Gisella (owner's wife/day hostess) to chocolate martinis tonight!! Yee Haa! She's a non-drinker so we'll be gentle, I promise. LOL..

Ok, the time is drawing near for me to pick up Little Sharon..I'll post about tonights festivities tomorrow..

Oh! Julie: If you really want the Hellfire Stew recipe, I can get it for you...It REALLY is good..ketchup, veggies and beef over mashed potatoes..Mmm-mmm!


wizgem said...

I hope you had fun and did enjoy the girls night out. You deserve it!!!!!

sxysweetart said...

Hope you had fun on your girls night out. I haven't done that in a long time! I'm such a homebody it's sicking! LOL :-) *lila*

drgnflyjwls said...

How's the hangover Sharon? LOL
Can't wait to hear of last nights festivities. Choc. martinis? Yum! I only drink martinis when I want to get RIPPED really fast! ;)

Could you email me the Hellfire recipe? I seriously want to try it. Hubby is a northerner & it sounds deliciously like something his Mom has made for us. I'd never had chili w/creamed corn served over mashed pot. until I met him! Who'd of thought that would taste good?!?! I love it & MIL makes it for me often now.