Monday, October 20, 2003

After the weekend...Monday

A quiet weekend. Wanted to do something, go somewhere, see someone...Instead, stayed around the house, doing normal every weekday kinds of things. Laundry, cleaning..well, you get the picture. When I was a child, my parents would often take us on spur of the moments trips. Flemington, New Hope, Pt. Pleasant..anywhere.Once they loaded us into the car at 3am and took us to Washington, D.C.! Anyway, my husband is not the free spirited, spontaneous person that I've always been.  We are soooo different. Many people who know us separately are amazed when they see us together. They say, "She's/He's your wife/husband? I would have never guessed!" Too funny! We are the epitome of the ying/yang thing..But it works for us. He was "Disco Dan" while I stood on the beach yelling "Disco Sucks!" I get frantic and he calms me down with his reasoning. We don't even look like a couple! He's 5'10", dark-complexioned, and built like a powerlifter. (Good thing, seeing as he IS a powerlifter! LOL!) He weighs 205lbs. Me, I'm tall (5'10") fair-skinned, 150 pounds (yikes! THAT hurt!) and I have long golden hair (Listen to CSN "Guinnevere). I'm the hippie, he's the conservative white collar type. Anyway, how'd I get onto this subject?! Oh yeah...he's not spontaneous! So...Have I failed to mention that the big one (our oldest daughter) finally went to rehab? We took her on Thursday morning. She went willingly, which is in and of itself a great start! Say a small prayer for her if you remember.

I'm off to a dream-filled g'night!

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