Friday, November 14, 2003

That's shoes ASAP!

Well... that's it. I have to return my work shoes (inapropriately called " I LOVE COMFORT") tomorrow. My feet hurt soooo badly that I cry when I get home! (Really...I am NOT kidding!) The bartender, Debbie, recommended "Easy Spirit" shoes for a cost of approx. $70.00!! Tonight we saw a waitress that we're friendly with and she said that Payless has a great pair of sneakers for about $18.00  that I should check into. Trust me, this decision will NOT be made lightly! After all...these are MY FEET! LOL!!!!

Work was cool today. Ok..not cool, but busy. I had a table of 16 at about 12:30pm for a repast luncheon. ( A "repast" is a meal served after a funeral. Fun, huh?!) Think about it..."Hi! Welcome to *****!! My name is Sharon..I'll be your server today! Can I start you off with some liqour that will only serve to remind you that so and so (the not-so dearly departed)) used to imbibe daily so as to render him a useless sot?" Yeah....pretty much sums up my day...Sigh..

Herman (husband) and I went "up the street" to have a couple of beers, a meal and an apertif this evening.  ( I somehow forgot to eat today....well, maybe "forgot" isn't the right word....perhaps "too busy!" is more appropriate a term..)OK...I am SOOOO tired and I really need to go upstairs and be a wife...altho I hear him and the 14 year old horsing around...ahhhh..I can change all that in a heartbeat! ;) LOL!! G'night!

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