Thursday, October 30, 2003

It's another day..

Hi!'s been a quiet day. I've just been hanging out all day. On the verge of tears sometimes. I don't know why. I believe it's because I've been thru sooo much with my daughters that my mind and my soul need a break. Almost like post traumatic stress syndrome. What I really need to do is to get to the gym and find a damn job! LOL!!

Halloween is of course all 4 kids are trying to get their costumes together. The 15 year old is going to be an escaped mental patient from the psych ward at Bellevue (trust me, not a stretch!) and she needed handcuffs...4 stores later I found them. (She was babysitting.) The 14 year old is going to be an angel...quite a strecth!!! The 21 year old is going to be goth. My son is going to be a vampire. He's ALWAYS  a vampire!!

I'm going to pose as a happy, well-adjusted mother of 4 perfect children.

Yeah, RIGHT! LOL. G'night.


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