Thursday, December 11, 2003


(*"Boo" is our 14 year old daughter's nickname)

About 1 hour after I wrote my  post, Boo screamed from the basement. We ran down to find out what happened. Apparently she saw a "white figure" to her right..The figure then reached out and threw a cracker wrapper on to the floor! It really scared her because "they've" never done anything like this. I suspect that "whomever" it was had been reading while I was typing my post and decided to play a trick. Still, we're not frightened.

Tonight my husband and I decided to spend some time together, alone. We went out to dinner up the street to Charlie Brown's. When we came home, Boo reported that she had heard a little girl crying while she was in the basement. (Note: We have 2 computers,1 for the children and 1 for us. They are both located in the basement.) She thought it was "Ray", our 15 year old daughter. She ran upstairs to make sure that Ray was ok but Ray reported that she was fine, hadn't been crying...The basement HAS been particularly "busy" lately so I don't doubt that Boo has experienced these things. She seems to be the one with a "sixth sense", if you will.

One story that I had to delete from last night's post was the story of "Catherine".  Catherine was named by Boo. She is a spirit that is approximately 6-7 years old who is dressed in Colonial clothing...white dress, ribbon in the middle of the dress, hair is curly and short. Boo says that she looks lost. Well, Boo is the only who had seen her until one night. Boo and Ray share a room upstairs in our home. Ray NEVER  believed Boo's stories about Catherine until 2am one morning. That night, she called us and told us that she had just seen something. We ran upstairs to check on her. She told us that she had woken up to see Catherine floating above her bed, just watching her. We calmed her down, asked her if she's like to sleep with us. She declined and went back to bed. Half an hour later, she called agin, only to tell us that Catherine had now positioned herself on Boo's bed, just sitting there, swinging her fett, watching Ray sleep. Well...I decided to send Boo downstairs so that I could sleep in her bed and figure out what had happened this evening. Hmm...I just fell asleep!! I was soooo tired I just conked out! But Ray was able to sleep that night so it was ok...

Until my next post...Peace!

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drgnflyjwls said...

My 14 yr old daughter has been hearing her name called and has had her shower interrupted twice by knocks at the door. The freaky part? I know for a fact, no one else was home when these things happened.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Just wanted you to know where my interest in your journal stems from.