Wednesday, October 15, 2003

The oldest one leaves tomorrow..

Well...she got  the call today. My oldest daughter, a 21 year old with a heroin addiction, leaves for rehab tomorrow morning. I look at ot as another step in the journey through recovery. She's been clean for 5 weeks and that's great! This is the longest amount of time she's been clean. She seems to be very committed to getting well. She has to. She's also suffers from Juvenile Diabetes (insulin dependent) that she has very little control over. (She's what they refer to as a "brittle diabetic", meaning she has very poor control over her blood sugars that are affected by just about everything, emotions included.) So we pray a little (BIG!) prayer that she at least kicks her heroin addiction so that she can effectively deal with her diabetes. We just recently allowed her to stay with us while she waited for a bed to open up in rehab. SHe has been indigent for several years, no insurance.

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kthlber said...

My heart goes out to you. I lost my daughter in 1998 to a heroin o.d. At the time of her death Karen was only 17 years old. Gone before she got to even begin to live her life. My prayers are with your daughter, to stay strong in her recovery and also with you for the strength to deal with all that's in your path. Peace, Kathy