Sunday, November 2, 2003

Sunday night..

Good evening! I decided to add an entry because my husband is watching "The Hulk" movie and I found it to be incredibly BOR-ING!

This weekend was fairly uneventful. Herman (my husband) went to support his friends at a powerlifting meet in PA (about an hour away). I ran around, dropping kids off here and there, cleaning, know, the normal "mom" things!

We ate out quite a bit this weekend. I was happy to be able to have a nice quiet dinner with just Herman on Saturday night. Tonight we took 3 of our 4 children out to eat. The big one brought her girlfriend Dana with her. It was a nice meal...acknowledged the fact that the big one is doing so well in her quest for sobriety! She and Dana went to the Halloween parade in the Village this Friday night. They say that they had a good time! They slept at Dana's friend's house in Queens. They were back home just in time to go to Newark for an N.A. "social"...there they met up with some boy that they met while they were both in mental hospital. He is also a heroin addict (Dana is the only one who isn't!!).

We took the girls to Sears today. It all started out with my stating that we really needed new pots and pans because the Teflon was chipping on the old ones. Well- one thing led to the other and the girls got new wardrobes out of us! Actually, Herman profitted form this little excursion, too! He got some new clothes and shoes. Me, I got new pots and pans! LOL!! That's what I wanted!

So, this is the time that I say, g'night!

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