Thursday, November 13, 2003

Boy, do my feet HURT!!

Well...I've made it thru 4 days of work so far! LOL! Whoopee! It's been fairly slow, but that's not bad. I like getting adjusted slowly..The only major problem so far has been my feet. After standing on them for nearly 6 hours straight, I come home almost in tears. They don't stop hurting til I go to bed. So tonight I bought some Epsom salt and I'm hoping that it soothes my feet!

Took the 14 year old to therapist tonight. The therapist has decided to start her own practice and will not be accepting insurance. Pretty much stinks because the 14 year old really likes her. So it's gonna be difficult to replace her. There really is no way I can afford the $120.00 per session without insurance.

Have to cut this short so that I can let the soaking begin!! I'll let you know if it really works..G'night!

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