Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Amother day....

Well..I HAVE calmed down quite a bit. The big one finally showed up at the house around midnight on Monday night. Since then, she has spent virtually every waking moment with her best friend Dana. We've barely see her. To her credit, she did go to the Medicaid office and get the paperwork started. (It's almost emabarassing that she's on public assistance but she can no longer be on our insurance because she's not a full time student.) She went out (half-heartedly) to go job hunting. Enough about her..

The other kids are doing ok. I have really been trying to keep calm about situations that constantly arise...who has an F in math, who fights with siblings, who comes in stoned, etc...I have been spending alot of time in my bedroom lately. Just trying to keep my sanity, I suppose. But what do they do? Of course! They immediately follow me into my room and start bothering me!!

Thank GOD for my husband and my church. My husband really keeps me grounded and my church really keeps me busy! I'm a Deacon so there's always something going on. I also help out in the 5th and 6th grade Sunday school and I was recently asked to be a covenant partner for the next confirmation class. Whew! But I really love my church family!! It's so nice to be a part of something good.

Well...I guess that's it for now. Nothing on TV tonight but I can always find an old movie or a great cooking show! Anyway, G'night!

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